Mobile Game Development Agency

Mobile Game Development Agency

One of the most profitable and successful app industry areas is mobile games. They frequently rank at the top of app marketplaces’ lists of most-downloaded offerings and can have millions of daily active users.

The mobile gaming market is immensely diversified, encompassing everything from 3D games with multi-billion dollar grossings to instructional apps for non-profits. Pearl Lemon Games is a top mobile game development agency, and this is largely because of our knowledge of and dedication to the industry and to the clients we create for.

The State of the Mobile Games Market

With record-breaking download and consumer spending rates across the app stores, mobile gaming was already in a league of its own by the year 2020. But the next two years raised the bar for engagement and the growth of mobile gaming is not showing any signs of slowing, even as the pandemic that was largely responsible for the huge growth in that time period recedes.

As a mobile game development agency, we are constantly amazed by the statistics surrounding the industry. The Mobile Gaming Statistics 2023 report reveals a wealth of information, but there are a few key figures that truly catch our attention:

The mobile gaming industry is thriving, with a huge global audience of over 2.2 billion active mobile gamers. 

Games are incredibly popular, making up a significant portion of app downloads, accounting for 21% on Android and 25% on iOS. 

The market for mobile gaming, valued at $93 billion in 2021, is projected to grow even more, reaching an impressive $116.4 billion by the end of 2024.

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Another interesting – and lucrative development in the world of mobile gaming that we, as a mobile game development agency, find particularly exciting is GaaS model’s expansion into the mobile gaming space, and its utilization by businesses who have never even considered entering into the game space before.

GaaS, or “games as a service,” refers to how games are developed, delivered, and maintained in addition to how they are played. Gamers can stream games on their devices on demand thanks to GaaS. A subscription usually is required to access the games, providing a steady stream of revenue that is ongoing and not dependent on a single, one-time purchase.

The actual game software is kept on the servers of the hosting firm and is transmitted through video codec directly to the player’s device. As a result, the conventional game distribution model is drastically altered.

Mobile Game Development Technologies

As a mobile game development agency capable of serving a wide range of needs, our team is well-versed in the variety of mobile game technologies dominating the mobile game market right now. Those considering adding a mobile game to their marketing plans, or trying to turn their great game idea into a fully functional reality, are often not aware that there are options when it comes to mobile game development technology, or even what those are:

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As a team and a mobile game development agency, we’ve invested countless person-hours in mastering the complexities of Unity because it has established itself as the most frequently used game engine among mobile game developers. It is easier to prototype and publish ideas to various hardware platforms because of its user-friendly interface and compatibility with the many art asset formats.

Unity has established itself as the industry standard engine thanks to its integrated physics engine, strong scene editor, and unified structure. Pearl Lemon Games can create amazing and engaging  mobile games with Unity across a huge range of niches. You can make your game ideas come to life in 2D or 3D by collaborating with our team and basing it in Unity will help ensure that it is as playable a year down the line as it is at launch.


HTML5 and JavaScript have replaced Adobe Flash, which is no longer supported by the Adobe community and is no longer preferred for interactive web-based content. These new frameworks not only outperform Flash in terms of security, but they also benefit from increased native browser compatibility.

The main benefit of HTML5 for developers is its cross-platform support. As your mobile game development agency We can design games that adjust to different needs, including screen sizes, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

Games made with HTML5 can be played in all the most utilized web browsers as well as on various mobile platforms including iOS and Android and Windows based platforms. Some of the most successful mobile games in the world right now – including the behemoth that is Fortnite – make great use of this cross-platform ability and we can help ensure that your mobile game can too.

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iOS Game Center and Google Play

There are connections available to many APIs on each app store platform. As a result, users will be able to check real-time information from a variety of sources through operating system level apps.

This accessibility and other features offered by Apple and Google Play are crucial to a multiplayer game’s success, whether it be live updates to scores on a leaderboard or even tracking changes to account information across devices and screens.

Unlike some mobile game development agencies, Pearl Lemon Games is experienced in both iOS and Android game development, and not only will we ensure that your mobile game functions seamlessly across both platforms, but we can also help you with  the submission, app support, and management processes that will get your games accepted to these platforms.

This is an area where many mobile game developers hit a wall, especially when it comes to the stricter requirements of the iOS Game Center and the Apple App Store in general. As a mobile game development agency, we, however, have a stellar track record when it comes to succeeding in getting past these potential roadblocks to a mobile game’s success.

Skilled Art and Animation Teams

Our own staff of artists, 3D modelers, and animators are pros at using tools that are accepted as industry standard in the mobile game business. Our team is adept at modeling and animating characters in Maya and Blender, producing classic 2D concept art written in Adobe, and developing UI/UX designs using Autodesk technologies.

We are happy – and keen – to put our skills to work for you, and you can be assured that the project will be a success because we have years of combined experience working on high-quality animated features and mobile gaming projects for our clients.

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We Offer Access to Superior Marketing and Promotion

The development teams at Pearl Lemon Games are all about game development, but as a leading mobile game development agency, we know that even the most spectacular mobile games won’t thrive in a vacuum.  

We do have a secret weapon, though. As a part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group, a group of UK based but globally operating companies, we have access to some of the best digital marketing, SEO, social media and public relations professionals in the business, and can enlist their talents to help ensure that your mobile game gets the attention it deserves.

Ready to make your game ideas a reality? Contact us today, we’d love to explain how hiring Pearl Lemon Games as your mobile game development agency will make those dreams come true.

Mobile Game Development FAQs

Mobile game development at Pearl Lemon Games involves creating interactive and engaging games specifically designed for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. We focus on leveraging the capabilities and features of these platforms to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience for mobile users.

At Pearl Lemon Games, we offer end-to-end mobile game development services. This includes game conceptualization, design, development, testing, launch, and post-launch support. We are skilled at creating a range of games, from casual games to complex, immersive AR and VR experiences.

Our team at Pearl Lemon Games possesses significant experience in mobile game development. We’ve successfully developed and launched a variety of mobile games across multiple genres, demonstrating our understanding of mobile platforms, gaming trends, and the needs of mobile gamers.

Pearl Lemon Games has experience in developing mobile games across a variety of genres. This includes, but is not limited to, puzzle games, adventure games, strategy games, role-playing games (RPGs), casual games, simulation games, and even augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games. We are dedicated to creating unique and engaging experiences no matter the genre.

Selecting the right genre is crucial as it can significantly influence the success of your game. Our team will help analyze your game concept, target audience, and market trends to advise on the genre that would be the most suitable and potentially successful for your mobile game.

Yes, we certainly can. Our team is proficient in developing games for both iOS and Android platforms. We focus on optimizing the performance of the game to ensure it runs smoothly on various devices and operating systems.

Absolutely. We understand various mobile game monetization strategies, including in-app purchases, advertisements, and freemium models. We can work with you to develop an effective monetization strategy tailored to your game and its target audience.

Yes, we can. We understand the importance of visibility in the competitive mobile gaming market. We can provide guidance and support on effective marketing strategies, including app store optimization, social media promotion, and more to enhance your game’s reach and engagement.

Yes, we do. We provide extensive post-launch support, including regular updates, bug fixes, and additional content to keep your game relevant and engaging. We’re committed to the long-term success of your mobile game.

You can easily get started with us by reaching out through our website’s contact form or via email. We’ll arrange a time to discuss your project, understand your vision and goals, and detail how we can transform your idea into a captivating mobile game.