Our founder Deepak grew up through the 80s and 90s and was deeply immersed in the world of Sonic the Hedgehog and more. In recent years Deepak has discovered Steam and begun gaming again. Deepak has also been able to play with Roblox and found how much he liked this. Pairing this with how many team members are gamers, have twitch channels and Youtube Channels, we decided to launch Pearl Lemon Games.

We have an active Youtube channel gaining traction and growing quickly. Pearl Lemon Games is also actively developing games and is excited to improve and launch our own games to the public.

Why US
Professional eSport gamer playing a game with gaming controller

Gary has been playing games his whole life and in 2017 after he built his first gaming PC he started to play CS:GO. Now in 2023 he has over 8000 Hours in CS:GO (Ranked Global Elite and Faceit Level 10) and was part of an amateur pro team and he has over 3000 hours in League of Legends as well as a few thousand more across other games so you could say he’s a gaming fanatic.

Linnea has been playing games her whole life and in 2015 began streaming on Twitch and actively began making content on YouTube as well. Since then, she has developed over 1k followers across platforms, managed several accounts including brand channels, and has taken a few collegiate level classes on computer game design. She has 100% achievements in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Detroit: Become Human, Life is Strange, and Skyrim. With this experience, she currently helps produce content for Pearl Lemon Games and alpha/beta testing.

Carmil initially applied for the chat support position but Deepak saw her RGB headset (which she forgot to turn off) during her first meeting with the team. Deepak then discovered that she’s a gamer and offered her a position as one of the developers in the Pearl Lemon Games team. While she doesn’t have coding experience, Deepak trusted her and the team is now actively developing it’s first ever Roblox game.