AR Game Development Agency

AR Game Development Agency

Many people are unaware of how simple and affordable it is to create augmented reality games and apps today, thanks to Google, Apple, and even Facebook continuing to promote and invest in the technology.

While it is obvious that AR has moved past a fad to become a best practice in 2022, adding AR to your game or app won’t guarantee its success. It’s crucial to consider whether — or how — augmented reality (AR) can add substantial value to your application if you want to achieve long-term success in the app stores, on game platforms and in gaming marketplaces or to make use of an AR based game or app experience to promote or enhance your brand.

Pearl Lemon Games, as one of only a handful of game development agencies in the UK with proven AR app development expertise, helps indie game developers, business startups, established seasoned businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs create eye-popping AR experiences to entertain, astonish, engage and grow their user bases.

In short, we help you realize the full potential of AR not just for gaming purposes – although as a leading AR game development agency that’s certainly one of our favourite project types to undertake – but also for brand marketing purposes, HR process improvement, promotion and adv

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Understanding AR Experiences

While many have heard something – or perhaps lots of somethings – about AR and AR experiences, they often do not really understand what they are.

In very basic terms, A software application known as an augmented reality app (AR app) blends digital visual content (and occasionally audio and other stuff) into the user’s actual environment. In a variety of sectors, including healthcare, public safety, gas & oil, tourism, and marketing, augmented reality (AR) software is utilized for teaching, commercial, and consumer applications.

Since the success of the smartphone game Pokémon GO, augmented reality gaming software is perhaps the most popular kind of AR app. Other well-known consumer market applications of AR software include computing headgear and heads-up displays in automobile consoles and windscreens.

In order to connect animation or contextual digital information in the computer program to an augmented reality “marker” in the actual world, augmented reality apps are created in specialized 3D software. When an AR app or browser plug-in on a computing device receives digital data from a recognized marker, it starts to run the marker’s code and layer the appropriate image or images.

Despite the wide range – and they are getting wider every day – of uses you can put AR to, both in the game industry and outside it, many game development agencies have been slow moving into the space. Or they only see AR from a gaming point of view, and cannot offer services to the many other markets that can benefit from augmented reality applications.

Pearl Lemon Games is made up of teams of experts who ensure that they stay on the cutting edge, and always have a close eye on the future.

The aforementioned Pokémon Go, the game that really put AR gaming on the map (although the developer, Niantic’s first AR game, Ingress, is older) is now over six years old, and ever since it debuted our teams have been working on improving and refining their own AR development skills not just to create games for clients but to offer a wide range of AR experience development services to anyone and any business that will benefit from them.

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Augmented Reality in Gaming

As a leading AR game development studio, Pearl Lemon Games can offer AR game development services that are second to none to established game development teams in need of the specialist expertise involved in adding AR to an existing game development project, or to would be game publishers who have a great idea for an AR enhanced game but need a lot of help developing it into a real, functioning game.

Different from virtual reality, augmented reality in games makes use of the surrounding world and enhances it with the addition of distinctive elements. Additionally, employing a device’s camera, augmented reality enables the creation of a view for the players with powerful video, graphics, and sound.

Augmented reality has grown to be a crucial element for smartphone games since it allows players to design their own characters, objectives, and racing environments. They can also scan their immediate surroundings to invite nearby players to join them and build a virtual gaming world together.

Existing games, as well as new game ideas, can be expanded and improved with the addition of augmented reality initiatives. As the gaming population continues to grow – there is now no demographic that does not participate in some form of video gaming in significant numbers – so does the hunger for new experiences – and they are happy to look to indie game developers for those.

Working with the AR game developers at Pearl Lemon Games will allow you to bring all kinds of game ideas to life in new and exciting ways, or to breathe new life into your existing game properties.

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Augmented Reality in e Commerce

If you sell anything online, you know that the public has a voracious appetite for online shopping, but they are also increasingly cautious, as they are not quite sure if they can trust stock product images and vague descriptions of the goods on offer, and often choose the less convenient option of offline shopping as a result.

Carefully and expertly executed AR experiences can change all of that and help ecommerce businesses in a number of different ways, including all the following:

By incorporating augmented reality into a retail website and/or app, you can improve your customers’ online experiences, reduce the path – and time – to purchase, and help them make smarter purchasing decisions they will be happy with. Happy customers are something EVERY retail business needs in spades!

Thanks to AR, customers can interact with your products in real time, investigate them from every angle, move them about, and set them up in their own environments. This is already working well for the big boys in the home furnishings, home decor and home decorating spaces.

Working with Pearl Lemon Games as your AR developer means that you, as a smaller retailer can reap the same benefits. For example, if customers can see what your products will look like in their home, on their walls, floors or in their gardens they are far more likely to have the confidence to buy them.

AR can be a game changer for fashion and beauty brands too. Customers can virtually try your products with augmented reality. Customers are more confident and cart abandonment is decreased when they can clearly see what they are purchasing and what it will look like on. An educated consumer is also less likely to return a product, decreasing those bottom line eroding chargebacks and returns.

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AR for Marketing

More than ever, consumer needs and wants are the driving forces behind marketing. Customers want brands to offer exciting, engaging experiences that make use of emerging technology.

This means that in order to exceed customer expectations and provide the best experiences possible, marketers must stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Given that augmented reality technologies are already upending certain industries, ignoring them could cause you to fall behind your rivals. Working with Pearl Lemon Games as your AR developer will help you take advantage of one of the hottest trends in marketing before your competitors do.

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AR for Businesses

The business used for augmented reality apps are extensive. By bridging the gap between imagination and reality, businesses can use augmented reality apps and other AR technologies to increase sales, engage customers, raise brand awareness, build a devoted customer base, and interact with targeted audiences.

Businesses can also use AR to train their staff members or provide them with assistance during challenging fieldwork across industries, from medicine and construction to food service, education and much more.

For those selling B2B, clients are more likely to make a purchase when new products or services are presented to them in an engaging and tactile way using augmented reality. You will boost your customers’ trust in your brand and ultimately your product or service by utilizing AR in your business.

Ready to learn how our services as a leading AR development agency can help you achieve your goals? Contact us today and let’s get that conversation started.

AR Game Development FAQs

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital information such as images, sounds, or text onto the real world, enhancing the user’s perception and interaction with their environment.

Augmented reality can enhance the user experience, making apps and games more interactive and engaging. It can also provide users with additional layers of content and information that can enhance the overall value and usability of the application.

While AR can greatly enrich an app or game, its success is not guaranteed by merely implementing AR. It’s vital to consider how AR can add substantial value to the application and how it fits into the overall strategy for the product.

Various sectors can benefit from AR applications, including gaming, healthcare, public safety, oil & gas, tourism, marketing, and more. AR can be used for educational, commercial, and consumer applications too.

As a leading AR game development studio, Pearl Lemon Games helps indie developers, startups, established businesses, and entrepreneurs in creating AR experiences. Whether for gaming or brand marketing purposes, Pearl Lemon Games can assist in realizing the full potential of AR.

AR allows gamers to interact with the game in their real-world environment, creating an immersive and engaging gaming experience. Gamers can create characters, objectives, environments, and invite nearby players to join their gaming world.

AR can significantly improve customers’ online shopping experiences by allowing them to interact with products in real time. This can increase customer confidence, reduce cart abandonment, and decrease product returns.

Yes, AR can be used to provide exciting, engaging experiences that make use of emerging technology. It can help exceed customer expectations and provide them with unique and memorable experiences with your brand.

Businesses can use AR to increase sales, engage customers, raise brand awareness, build a loyal customer base, and interact with targeted audiences. It can also be used to train staff members or provide them with assistance during challenging tasks.

If you’re interested in incorporating AR into your business or project, you can reach out to Pearl Lemon Games. As a leading AR development agency, we can assist you in harnessing the power of AR to meet your goals