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The mobile game industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the gaming industry, according to Statista. It has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, with more people playing games on their phones than ever before. 

Mobile games are available on various platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. As such, developers must ensure that their games are optimised for each platform to maximise their reach and potential. 

The mobile game industry is highly cutthroat. New titles and forms are being released daily. Developers need a strong marketing strategy to stand out from the competition. This is where our company can help.

Pearl Lemon Games can provide developers with the expertise and resources needed to create an effective game marketing strategy. Our experts can help to identify target audiences, develop promotional campaigns, and track the success of these campaigns. 

Promote your game effectively by taking advantage of these opportunities.

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We Take A Tailored Approach To Your Game Marketing

When it comes to marketing a mobile game, there is no substitute for the expertise of a skilled mobile game marketing agency. At Pearl Lemon Games, we can help you reach your target audience and maximise your return on investment.

Here are some benefits you will gain when you collaborate with us:


Mobile game marketing requires specialised knowledge and experience that only an experienced agency can provide. We deeply understand the mobile game industry and can create effective campaigns that reach the right people.

Increase Reach

We can help you access various channels. Our services span social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), PPC ads, etc. This means we will do everything to see that your game reaches more people and have a greater chance of success.

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We will track and measure the results of your marketing campaigns, so you can see exactly how effective they are, allowing you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and ensure you get the best from your efforts.


Hiring a professional mobile game marketing agency can be a cost-effective way to market your game. We will create campaigns tailored to your budget and maximise your ROI.


Our experts will come up with creative and innovative ideas for your campaigns so that you stand out from the crowd and make an impact. 


Our marketers at Pearl Lemon Games have a wealth of experience in the industry and can provide valuable insights into the best strategies for your game. This will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy and ensure that you make the most of your investment.


We have an extensive network of contacts in the industry, which can be invaluable in getting your game noticed. We can leverage our connections to get your game featured in the right places and ensure it reaches the right people.

Mobile Game Marketing Agency London
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Mobile Game Marketing Agency London
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Mobile games have become a major player in the entertainment industry, and a successful mobile game requires effective marketing to reach its target audience. As a result, mobile game marketing agencies have emerged to help developers and publishers reach their marketing goals.

At Pearl Lemon Games, we offer various services to help mobile game developers and publishers reach their marketing goals. Our services include market research, marketing strategy development, advertising and promotional campaigns, influencer marketing, social media management, and app store optimisation.

Our marketing experts deeply understand the mobile gaming market and are well-versed in the latest marketing techniques and technologies. We work closely with their clients to understand their goals and objectives and tailor their marketing strategies to meet those needs. 

Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, boosting app downloads, or driving engagement and retention, mobile game marketing agencies in London have the expertise and experience to deliver results.

Our mobile game marketing agency in London is results-driven and focused on delivering the best possible results for your mobile game. 

Pearl Lemon Games has earned a strong reputation in the gaming industry. With our help, developers can ensure that their games reach the right people and have the best chance of success. This way, you can increase your games’ downloads, engagement, and revenue.

We’re as passionate about games as you are, whether it’s PlayStation, PC, Xbox, or Switch. There’s no better team to make yours a success. You can count on us to work with your developers, learn your title from top to bottom, and create a campaign that will make the world know what makes it great.

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Mobile Game Marketing Agency London
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Mobile Game Marketing Agency London


The cost of video game marketing can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of the project. For smaller projects, such as a mobile game, costs can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars

For larger projects, such as console or PC games, costs can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The best way to determine the cost of your video game marketing is to consult with us. We will provide you with an accurate estimate based on your specific needs and budget.

We provide expert guidance on marketing strategies and techniques, develop and execute a customised marketing plan, and provide regular updates and reports on the campaign’s progress. 

The amount of a game’s budget spent on marketing will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. Generally, it is recommended that 10-20% of the total budget should be allocated to marketing. This percentage can increase or decrease depending on the type of game, its target audience, and the desired reach.

For example, if a mobile game targets a global audience, the marketing budget is higher than if the game targets a more localised audience. Additionally, if the game is part of an established franchise, the marketing budget may need to be higher to reach new players.