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Top Player Status with Our Video Game Marketing Agency

Video Game Marketing Agency

Creating a game is complicated as it is. It takes you months to finalise the game concept. Aside from that, it needs a tedious focus on the animation and graphics because no player likes lousy animation.

With that being said, if you put so much effort into developing a game, you might as well want everyone to play it.

Video Game Marketing Agency Pearl Lemon Games is a gaming agency that helps developers market their games.

Aside from leading the gaming industry, we are also experts in the marketing field, ensuring that your game will get the attention it deserves.

Start leading the gaming market today.

Significance of Video Game Marketing Agency

All businesses need marketing, whether they sell products, provide services, run out of an office or physical store, operate online, or all of the above.

That’s why even for games, a crucial step in launching them is marketing.

Video Game Marketing Agency

Games would not be as popular as they are now without game marketing.

Brand Awareness

One thing game studio advertisers and publishers have in common is establishing brand awareness.

In today’s industry, advertising is a significant contributor to in-game sales. Depending on your advertising campaign, it can either help lower-quality games sell more or hurt higher-quality games that sell less. Advertising is constantly evolving. For that reason, players can see video game marketing agency positively if incorporated into the game. It does not swerve away from the plot or gameplay, making it an integral component of the game rather than merely an add-on.

Video Game Marketing Agency
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Generate Sales

Game firms are no different from other businesses that are constantly looking for new revenue streams. Video Game Marketing Agency” The business makes money by getting people to play the game and when they attract users to purchase on the in-game store.

Studies show that this works better on men and can be a very effective strategy for making money. All you have to do is indulge gamers willing to spend money on their games.

Industry Growth

Since the introduction of the first video game in the world in October 1958, the video game business has grown quickly. Budgets for advertising, which will total 188.9 billion dollars by 2020, demonstrate this expansion.

Video Game Marketing Agency

This is also evident in the app store sector, which is primarily dominated by video games.

Even triple-A firms’ game expenditures have increased, reaching multi-million dollar and even one billion dollar levels.

With the rapid industry growth evident above, developers are pushed to create a game that will ride the tide of the sector.

Game developers work hard nowadays so that their games can take place in the ever-evolving gaming market.

Popular Video Game Marketing Strategies

Your game development journey does not end when you create, develop, and release your game.

The real challenge occurs in making it stand out from the competition and persuading users to choose to download it.

Here are some popular strategies we can use to market your game online.


While playing video games has long been a popular pastime, a fresh variation of this interest has recently attracted billions of fans.

Video Game Marketing Agency

Game live streaming is a rapidly expanding hobby that draws both devoted players and interested, non-participating viewers. 

Our game marketers increasingly regard these platforms as an essential component of the marketing campaign for any game.

The most popular streaming platform as of now is Twitch. It is labelled as a social media platform for gamers.

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As of 2022, there are over 8 million Twitch live streamers, over 100,000 streams at any given moment, and over 1 million streamers daily. Amazon repurchased Twitch in 2014 and already had more than 15 million subscribers. Video Game Marketing Agency With the help of this platform, a gamer may use a webcam to broadcast a live stream video of their game.

You would be referred to be a Twitch partner once you reach a large audience and number of subscribers. The advantage consists of subscribers and a cut of advertising revenue. Alternatively, you can sponsor or advertise a stream on Twitch.

Advertise Through A Video

How can you expect your target audience to play your video game if they don’t know how to play it?

This is why creating video ads is important if you’re promoting your game.

We can make a video promotion and advertise it on YouTube or Google so that your game will be well-known among viewers and online users.

If you’ve ever seen youtube channels hosting a beta run for a game, then you already have an idea of how it will go!

Sponsor Gamers

A lot of famous people promote various goods and services.

We commonly see a well-known Hollywood celebrity carrying a Prada bag or donning Gucci shoes at a red carpet event.

So bloggers and influencers using their fame to promote video games is no surprise. You can see some influencers provide instructions and product suggestions on their social media platforms when they’re paid.

Needless to say, video games can be advertised by them. Content creators get a lot of followers, even in video gaming, and that’s an asset you can take advantage of.

If you’re familiar with influencer marketing, then you understand how some personalities online can help. If you want to get a hold of gaming influencers, why not seek help from our marketing agency to find the right one?

Get Reviews

Another marketing strategy to get consumers to play and download your game is to get user reviews.

Remember that the more people like your game, the more favourable reviews it receives.

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Creative company game developer sitting in production department, MOBA Games Development Agency,

We’ll also place good reviews on platforms that gamers frequently visit to get insights regarding a game. So that when gamers try to look for reviews about your game, all they see are helpful and positive insights about it.

Even though it is essential in the industry, developing a game marketing strategy might not come naturally to you if you are a game developer.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

You can hire a game marketing company like us that is an industry expert and knows proper practices in getting your game in front of relevant users. 

Talk to our experts to know more about the strategies you can employ.

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Your Big Break With Pearl Lemon Games

Finding the ideal gaming marketing firm would be simple, but sadly, it may be challenging to find a company that fully understands you and your game and knows just how to put your game on top of the market.

Well, worry no more because Pearl Lemon Games is here to offer just more than promoting your games. 

With us, you can assure that you’ll get the exposure your game deserves.

You can enable our marketing professionals to market your video games to thriving online communities that convert casual gamers into ardent fans.

Be the top video game in the gaming industry starting from now.

Book a call with us today.


A gaming marketing agency supports gaming clients by helping them navigate the industry to expand and effectively engage their audience. 

They also develop brands by managing communities, engaging audiences, and advising on marketing strategies.

In addition, they execute the right marketing strategies for your games to help you thrive in the gaming industry. Hence, contributing to your revenues.

Usually, the price of marketing an indie game is around $50,000. Branding takes roughly two weeks to complete and costs around $7,000 to do yourself or that much to have done. Producing a trailer takes around a week, costs around $4,000 to do yourself and may cost less if you hire someone else.

However, at Pearl Lemon Games, we provide marketing services tailored to your needs. We don’t have a one-size fit price for everyone because we know every game developer has a unique need.

Contact us now if you want to learn more about our prices.

Marketing is crucial regardless of the business type, and video games are also considered a business. Marketing in video games helps new and upcoming games sell more and outperform leading competitors. 

With marketing, you can control the playing field. All you need to do is employ the right strategies and target the right audience. You’ll be surprised. You’ll be the next sought-after video game in one or two days. This is how powerful marketing is.