Indie Game Development Agency

Indie Game Development Agency

Pearl Lemon Games is proud to call itself an indie game development agency and to support and collaborate with others in the gaming industry who find the concept of creating, launching, and marketing an indie game as exciting as we do.

To help bring independent game visions to life, Pearl Lemon Games, an educational game development agency, offers full-service game development services, support to existing game development teams who are lacking a few key talents that our indie game developers can provide, and even expert help with a non-technical aspect of game development that can make or break an indie game’s success, however engaging and playable it is video game marketing.

What is the Definition of an Indie Game?

To many in the video game industry, and to many of the players who keep the industry going – and growing – the definition of an indie game is one produced by a small studio or single company who, in contrast to the majority of large studios that produce high-end AAA games, aren’t scared to experiment with novel and even risky concepts, rarely adhere to accepted industry norms, and don’t create games just to make money.

To others, indie game development means small-scale production, or a video game developed without the input – and the restrictions – that large-scale studios and game publishers usually put on game creation.

The majority of experimental, truly groundbreaking video gaming offerings and adventures come from independent studios and indie game developers.

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Large video game publishers must carefully consider each phase and determine, above anything else, which ideas will generate the greatest revenue. Independent game creators are free to experiment with wild ideas and make the games they want. Only the independent sector of the gaming business allows for such projects. And so in the 21st century, it’s the ideas and games coming out of the indie game sector that keeps the industry fresh.

To us, true independent game creators don’t try to change their talents to fit the requirements of the gaming industry or to get employed by a big firm. They stand out because they have a wide range of practical experience in the field of game creation and promotion.

They frequently pool the knowledge of multiple experts, including programmers, artists, designers, and more. The most important factor, however, in indie game development, is a strong desire to develop and broaden their body of knowledge in all areas relevant to the design of games.

Indie games are indeed often projects with a modest budget, developed by a small team outside the control of major publishers. Indie game developers don’t have to conform to an investor’s idea of what a great video game is, just to the audience they know is out there to share their vision.

Sounds exciting? It is. While Pearl Lemon Games is home to teams of industry experts who have what it takes to work for a big game developer, and some have, they often prefer to utilize their talents in indie game creation, and to work with people like you.

Do you share the same passion? Maybe you have an idea for a game and particular talents that are helpful in game creation, but not enough to handle the full range of work required to create an independent game.

For instance, maybe you excel in programming but have no artistic ability. Or you are an excellent artist but have no real game development skills. That’s where an indie game development agency like Pearl Lemon Games comes in.

When you bring your indie game development ideas to Pearl Lemon Games, our experienced indie game development teams can work with you from start to finish to bring your ideas to life.

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Services We Provide As Your Indie Game Development Agency

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Basic Game Development Services

As a full-service game development agency, we can provide you with as much, or as little, of the help you need to make your indie game ideas and concepts a playable reality, as well as a commercial success that generates income on an ongoing basis, or achieves whatever commercial and/or branding expectations you have for it.

We can work one on one with individuals who lack the programming skills to bring their stories and artwork to life, with companies and individuals who want to release an indie game to tie in with or promote their brand, or their products and services or with existing game development teams who need extra helping hands or specialist talents.

As indie games are not limited to a single gaming platform, the fact that we can provide game development and game port services across the vast majority of them is another reason to choose Pearl Lemon Games as your indie game development agency.

While PC and the Steam marketplace were once often the first places an indie game developer sought to release their game, that’s no longer the case. The increasingly lucrative mobile gaming space is filled with great indie games across every niche, and our mobile game development teams can help you add your game to those top game charts, serving both iOS and Android.

Unlike many other game development agencies, who are still struggling to catch up here, Pearl Lemon Games is active in the VR game development space. After a slower start, VR gaming is now finally beginning to realise its potential – thanks to existing systems like the Meta Oculus Quest and HTC Vive and the most recently released new VR headsets from Sony, and those planned by Apple, and some other big players in the game hardware industry.

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Indie Game Development Talent Sourcing Services

It takes more than writing code and programming strings it together to create a memorable, engaging game. Video gamers are increasingly expecting the games they play to be more visually engaging than ever before, but also to have storylines – and soundtracks – that are equally as compelling.

This calls for the talents of scriptwriters, visual and graphic artists, voice over talent, musicians and more. These are the people who can elevate indie games in dozens and dozens of very important ways, but finding them can be exceptionally hard for those new to the indie gaming world.

As we work at the heart of the video game development industry every day, at Pearl Lemon Games we have developed relationships with some of the most talented individuals who provide all of these services – and more – to indie game developers – and we can help you enlist their help and add their talents to make your indie game as visually, aurally and mentally engaging as players expect, and it deserves to be.

Indie Game Marketing

Most indie game development agencies work on, or finish, a game and then hand it back to its owners to market and publicize, which is often where a promising indie game ultimately fails to make its mark or reach the gaming audience who, its creators often know, would love it if they knew about it.

At Pearl Lemon Games, we have a secret weapon we can put to work for our clients: we belong to the larger Pearl Lemon Group, at the heart of which is Pearl Lemon, one of the fastest growing and most successful digital marketing agencies in the UK.

We work with teams of specialists from that company, as well as industry-leading experts from Pearl Lemon PR and Pearl Lemon Leads,  to help you create a marketing, public relations, and sales strategy for your indie game that will not only get it noticed and buzzed about within the gaming communities you want to reach but also maximise its sales potential and ongoing revenue streams.

From ensuring that you have a great, SEO-optimised website to serve as the hub for your indie game promotion, to making use of app store SEO to push it up the game store charts, to get copies of it into the hands of the YouTubers, Twitch streamers and other gaming influencers who can introduce your indie game to their millions of followers.

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When you work with Pearl Lemon Games you’ll have access to indie game marketing services that very few other game development agencies can offer, and their strategies will be particularly effective as they work hand in hand with the indie game developers on our team to ensure the messages being sent are accurate, authentic and reach the right audiences at the right time.

Whatever your indie game development needs, we would love to help. Nothing excites us more than getting the chance to help bring groundbreaking video games to life, and across every niche and platform.

Contact us today to learn more about how choosing Pearl lemon Games as your indie game development agency can help you realise your game development dreams, including how we can help you make your game more than just an engaging escape for video gamers, but also a money-making venture that will provide you with great ROI on your investment for a long time to come.

Indie Game Development FAQs

To us at Pearl Lemon Games, an indie game is one produced by a small studio or single company that isn’t afraid to experiment with novel concepts and doesn’t create games just for profit. These developers rarely adhere to accepted industry norms, allowing them to produce truly groundbreaking games. And we love working to help bring these visions to life! 

Pearl Lemon Games offers a variety of services including full-service game development, support to existing game development teams, and help with non-technical aspects such as video game marketing. We also provide indie game marketing services to ensure your game reaches its intended audience.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Games can provide game development and game port services across a majority of gaming platforms. This includes traditional platforms like PC and consoles, as well as mobile and VR platforms.

Absolutely. Pearl Lemon Games understands that marketing is a crucial part of the success of an indie game. We work with specialist teams from Pearl Lemon Group, including digital marketing, public relations, and sales strategy experts, to help maximize a game’s sales potential and ongoing revenue streams.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Games understands that developing a game requires a range of talents. We have established lots of great relationships within the industry and can help indie game developers connect with scriptwriters, visual and graphic artists, voice-over talent, musicians, and more.

Pearl Lemon Games takes a comprehensive approach, providing game development services, sourcing additional talent as needed, and assisting with marketing efforts. We use SEO optimization, app store SEO, influencer marketing, and more to maximize visibility and sales potential for your game.

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