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Hire a Roblox Game Developer

You want to launch a Roblox game. Great! You don’t have the time/skills/patience to code a Roblox game though. Or, if you want to use Roblox to market your business – following in the footsteps of the likes of Nike, Mattel, Heinz, and a growing list of other big brands – you are not sure how to go about creating a game that will get the player community’s attention, or how to engage them if you do. You are thinking that you need to hire a Roblox game developer. But how do you do that?

As Roblox gains traction as a mainstream marketing platform. an increasing number of folks are offering their services to those looking to hire a Roblox game developer, and it is, to be honest, getting very confusing. Should you hire a freelancer from a site like Fivver? Work with that developer from that subReddit? Or hire a Roblox game development agency like Pearl Lemon Gaming.

It’s obvious that we are going to suggest the last option. You are on our website after all. And Roblox game development IS what we do. But we understand that you’ll need to know why you should hire us. So we’ll tell you.

Why Do You Need a Roblox Game Developer?

The chances are that you have heard that Roblox games can be developed by anyone. That is 100% true. Roblox game development is encouraged, and supported, by the platform and always has been (contrary to what you might think Roblox is not new, it’s been around since 2006.) There is a free-to-use game development studio baked right into the site. So why would you need to hire a Roblox game developer in the first place?

The most common reason people hire a Roblox game developer

They can’t code, and they have neither the time nor the patience to learn. This is obviously especially true for business owners hoping to use a Roblox game in their marketing strategy. So it makes sense to hire someone who can code – and more specifically is experienced with Lua, the Roblox specific language used to create games – to develop their game for them.

Give Someone a Robux
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The Problem with Freelance Roblox Game Developers

There are lots of great, very talented, Roblox game developers offering their services via freelance job sites, gaming forums, and other social media sites. Many of these developers have indeed created some amazing games. We even know of some very young developers who are doing incredible Roblox game development work (and did, to be honest, hire them as soon as they were old enough to legally work for us.)

There are a number of problems that often arise when hiring freelance Roblux game developers though. Quality is one. You’ll have to do a lot of research to determine just who is actually good at what they claim to do, and who is looking to make a quick buck. And the setup at many freelance sites makes it hard to hold developers responsible for late, or undelivered work. While you might not have to pay for it, you will waste weeks, if not months, waiting for something that never arrives.

Working with independent freelancers can be even more problematic, as there are no safeguards in place at all. And most want you to pay them up front.

When you hire a Roblox game development agency like Pearl Lemon Gaming you are hiring a great game development team, but one that works within the structure of a real company. And in our case, a company that is part of a larger group of businesses. Established businesses that have a reputation to uphold. So, if we say we are going to do something, it gets done, as our name depends on it.

Working with Pearl Lemon Gaming if you are looking to hire Roblox game developers is completely transparent too. When working on your game as the client you can be as involved in every step of the process, from the initial brainstorming when we’ll get to know your brand and your hopes for a Roblox game, through every step of its creation and WAY beyond the launch.

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So Much More Than Roblox Game Development

Most Roblox game developers create a game, deliver the game to the client, and maybe make a few changes if the client requests them, and their job is then done. The client gets an invoice to pay and maybe a hearty good luck wish. Which is far from ideal if you were hoping to use your game as a marketing or branding tool.

We also provide clients with access to outstanding copywriters, storyboarders, graphic artists, and even audio composers as part of the Pearl Lemon Group, who can assist in ensuring that the Roblox games we develop are engaging, on-brand, and stand out. You can be as involved – or as hands-off – as you like in this process, but as a Roblox game is only a helpful tool if it attracts – and engages – a loyal fanbase – these extra talents make a real difference.

But that’s not all. Even the best coded, most exciting Roblox game is useless if people don’t know about it. With access to a world-class – and highly respected – sales and marketing team via the Pearl Lemon Group, we can offer all the marketing expertise and manpower needed to get the news about your brand new Roblox game out there.

Making use of Roblox as a marketing and branding tool can be very effective for all kinds of businesses – no matter how large or small – but only if you know how to go about doing so. Our marketing teams, who are always hungry to grow and learn, stay on the cutting edge of the fast-growing and ever-changing field of marketing gamification, and will help ensure that the game you hire a Roblox game developer to create offers you the great ROI you are hoping for, and much more.

Ready to talk about Roblox game development and how to hire a game development agency you can rely on to get the job done? Contact Pearl Lemon Gaming today.

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