Video Game Development Agency London

Video Game Development Agency London

Your objectives for video game creation, whatever they might be, must be satisfied with accuracy and creativity, and Pearl Lemon Games has the skills to do so. As a leading video game development agency London, we have the tools and experience, as well as the skilled personnel, to help bring any game to life, across a growing range of platforms and genres.

We collaborate with our clients, not just work for them, to fulfil their video game development needs in order to provide their video game titles, game-based educational apps, or gamified visualization and simulation experiences the fuller definition and genuinely engaging aspects they need to succeed.

As a full service video game development agency London, we are happy to provide varying levels of service, according to your unique needs. For those with in house video game development teams of their own, we can offer support and additional specialist skills on an as-needed basis. Or, we can take your video game idea and provide complete video game development teams to carry out comprehensive game development initiatives.

Our Top Rated Video Game Development Agency London Services

We offer a wide range of the most advanced video game development services available right now, including:


All major video game platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile gaming, web gaming, Roblox, Steam, VR, major console and others, are covered by our teams, who have the expertise, vision and creativity needed to develop stellar game experiences across them all.

We create video games with a thorough understanding of all main gaming engines

Our teams are experts in their disciplines, and the tool development they can execute encompasses full-stack web development, online, gaming, physics, user interfaces, and rendering.

As a full-service video game creation company, we are at the forefront of developing virtual and augmented reality experiences and are prepared to assist clients in navigating the Metaverse, a brand-new territory.

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As our clients’ needs continue to change, our specialized and seasoned teams of game developers respond with the knowledge, agility, and speed required for success. Our specialized video game development teams use a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

Whether our clients need their game title independently converted to a new platform or are searching for a subject-matter specialist to supplement their in-house team, Pearl Lemon Games’ game development agency London teams are here to help them in any manner.

Additionally, we can provide substantial and successful video game marketing and promotion services to make sure your completed game reaches the huge audience it deserves, thanks to our close affiliation with the wider Pearl Lemon Group, a group of leading media, digital marketing and sales firms.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Games?

Video games are one of the best mediums for engaging audiences with intellectual property because they are becoming more and more popular throughout all age groups and interests.

There are so many benefits to reap when collaborating with a trustworthy game development agency partner for full SKU game production. For starters, independent game creation is extremely risky for inexperienced and beginner developers. We at Pearl Lemon Games give you an all-inclusive, end-to-end video game creation service, helping you reduce that risk.

To ensure that their product portfolio is in line with key release windows, established video game publishers may require full external development teams. Customers are free to commit the ideas and intellectual property to our highly skilled employees in the video game production sector.

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Our Game Development Services

Our talented game artists, animators, and designers work together to bring your vision to life by giving the player a unique and amazing gaming experience. Our enthusiasm and love for games is  just as important as the technologies and resources required to support an efficient, iterative game development process, and that passion comes across in everything we do.

Our Functionality QA and Player Support services ensure that the high calibre of the product is maintained, while our management teams strive to ensure that your product is delivered on time and under budget.

All of our focus at Pearl Lemon Games is on client projects in order to guarantee that the finished video game output meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations while adhering to their brand and original vision. At every level of video game development, we offer unparalleled service and support to our clients, including:

  • Creating creative forms, game design, and preproduction
  • Game Development Based on Milestones
  • Quality Control that has been rigorously validated and does not rely on constant human input
  • Market positioning and certification for games
  • Assistance and updates following launch

Whether it’s a promotional or companion gaming app or a full-scale AAA game, our creators have extensive experience with all video game genres and on all major platforms, including mobile, desktop, web, and consoles. These genres range from shooters to puzzle games, MMOs to endearing casual games, action-packed fighting games to captivating adventure games, and more.

You no longer have to create a game in a vacuum in order to satisfy your players. Working with a reliable partner who is as eager and ready to involve gamers from all over the world and contribute to your company’s success can prove priceless.

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At Pearl Lemon Games, our collaborative approach to video game production results in AAA games with thriving online communities that win over casual players and convert them into ardent devotees.

Our teams of highly qualified professionals can collaborate with you on practically any area of video game production, contributing as much or as little as you need us to, to help you capture the gamers’ passion and get the best results for your AAA game.


These include:

  • Development, porting, and adaptation of all video games
  • Making maps and designing levels
  • Action, casual, adventure, fighting, shooters, RPGs, racing, MMOs, and sports are all included in the multi-genre experience.
  • A multidisciplinary group of game creators from the engineering, production, and artistic domains
  • Knowledge of the whole game production cycle, including the conceptualization, development, and post-launch phases
  • Expertise in back-end engineering, online multiplayer games, and other areas

Your video game and its community will be grown and nurtured by our video game development company’s emphasis on teamwork, customer success, and player pleasure, guaranteeing that your video game receives the devoted, large audience it deserves.

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Expert Mobile Game Development Services from Pearl Lemon Games

While Pearl Lemon Games offers game creation for all platforms, we specialize in and have especially extensive experience with mobile game development.

One of the fastest-growing segments of the video game market, mobile gaming appeals to a wide range of user demographics. A mobile game can be the ideal entry point into the game industry for those who have the ideas but lack the skills to independently develop one thanks to their potential for ongoing and consistent revenue streams through in-app purchases, the business branding opportunity they can provide, and their relatively low development costs.

Our mobile game development teams can easily and quickly produce role-playing games (RPGs), casino, racing, adventure, e-learning, sports, and other video games that are designed and built to operate on Android and iOS devices, and we can do the same for you.

VR video game development services provided by Pearl Lemon Games

Since the days of Pong and Atari, gamers have yearned for the kind of complete immersion in their favourite video games and exciting new releases that VR is enabling.

Despite a slower-than-expected start, virtual reality (VR) and virtual reality gaming are now expanding at a rapid rate, with major players like Sony and Apple preparing to release VR headsets they claim will offer a virtual reality gaming experience like no other, and with the Facebook-backed Oculus Quest already an industry-leading piece of VR gaming hardware, having sold 8.7 million units in 2021—more than double the total number of VR headsets sold the year before.

The kind of creative, interesting VR video games that will keep people coming back for more are what these platforms actually require, whatever their impressive hardware capacities, to succeed.

Pearl Lemon Games, a video game development agency in London that always develops video games with an eye toward the future, saw this before many others and has made it a goal to build teams of talented VR game creators.

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Our VR video game development teams are prepared to help in any way you need us to, from full VR game development to help with porting your existing video game portfolio into the VR space. The expanding VR game marketplaces are an excellent opportunity for independent game developers to make their mark on this new video gaming frontier early.

Whatever you require to bring your video game ideas to life – and make them a lucrative venture, the video game development agency London that can do all of this and more is Pearl Lemon Games. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist you, we can’t wait to show you what we can do.

Video Game Development London FAQ

Pearl Lemon Games offers a wide array of services such as full-scale video game development, support and additional specialist skills to teams with in-house developers, co-development, porting, remastering, game marketing and promotion, and more. Our services also include creating creative forms, game design, preproduction, quality control, market positioning and certification for games, assistance and updates following launch, and much more.

We develop for all major video game platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, mobile gaming, web gaming, Roblox, Steam, VR, major console, and others.

Our creators have extensive experience with all video game genres such as shooters, puzzle games, MMOs, casual games, action-packed fighting games, captivating adventure games, and more. Whether it’s a promotional or companion gaming app or a full-scale AAA game, we can bring your vision to life.

Pearl Lemon Games is a reputable game development agency with a team of highly skilled professionals. We offer an all-inclusive, end-to-end video game creation service that is aimed at reducing risks for our clients. We also maintain close affiliation with the wider Pearl Lemon Group, allowing us to provide substantial and successful video game marketing and promotion services.

Pearl Lemon Games has extensive experience in mobile game development. We specialize in producing various types of mobile games like role-playing games (RPGs), casino, racing, adventure, e-learning, and sports video games for Android and iOS devices.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Games provides VR video game development services. We are prepared to offer full VR game development and can also assist with porting your existing video game portfolio into the VR space.