Unreal Game Development Agency

Unreal Game Development Agency

Our Unreal game development studio has a plethora of experience creating games in collaboration with other game studios, creative individuals with great game ideas but who lack game development skills, businesses looking to add a branded game experience to their marketing arsenal, and more. We

At Pearl Lemon Games, we are committed to delivering a cutting-edge visual experience to our clients and are passionate about creating UE-powered games that excite and engage players across platforms and genres.

As not just experienced Unreal game developers but also lifelong gamers with a passion to create – and playing – the best games in the world – we can help you realise your video game development ideas and intentions in the best way possible while still remaining an Unreal game development agency that fits your budget intentions too.

What is Unreal Engine?

Launched in 1998, Unreal Engine is a 3D game development platform created by Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite. It offers animation, programming, and a wide range of other appealing features.

In addition to enhancing functionality and making Unreal Engine more accessible to developers, the latest version of the engine, which debuted in 2022, made Unreal game development an even more popular choice for those looking to sell their game across multiple gaming platforms.

At Pearl Lemon Games we have assembled a team of Unreal game developers who bring decades of combined experience to our Unreal game development agency. These are people who began exploring game development with Unreal Engine very early in their careers, and their expertise has grown right along with the platform itself.

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Why Use the Unreal Engine for Game Development?

To satisfy any requirement for the game development projects we work on, we carefully choose the appropriate technology for each one of them on a case-by-case basis. Unreal is a powerful and adaptable game engine that comes preloaded with a wide range of features and is multiplayer capable out of the box.

Check out the reasons why Unreal may be the ideal choice for your game development project with Pearl Lemon Games.

Stunning High Level Graphics

Unreal is the game engine of preference when creating AAA games since it enables stunningly super-realistic images. However, as it is access to all game engines it puts the use of these high-level graphics within the reach – and the budgets – of indie game developers who are not working with the same mega millions of game development funding that the ‘big boys’ enjoy.

Makes Multi Platform and Cross Platform Gaming a Possibility

Releasing a game that is limited to a single platform only may be the way that the Microsofts and Sonys of the world make their money, but for an independent game company, multi-platform capabilities can be one of the biggest keys to turning a lifelong passion project into a financial success.

You can be sure that your video game will reach a wider audience and have the greatest possible impact on your target market if you create it to be played on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC, and/or mobile devices. A cross-platform game also helps you manage your user base and ensures that the game is consistent across several marketplaces, making for a more cohesive, recognizable game brand.

Other advantages of cross-platform game development using Unreal Engine include:

Enjoy Faster Long-term Growth.

In general, developing a game for several platforms directly is quicker than developing it for one platform, then porting it to another after launch. Doing so also allows you to build a larger audience of gamers, often hitting several different gamer demographics at once.

Game development using Unreal Engine allows any game to be released and ported to several platforms, including PCs, mobile devices, AR/VR, and the web. This maximizes your possible game audience and player base, as well as your game’s earning potential and engagement level.

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Make Your Game More Accessible.

A game has a greater chance of attracting more players and gaining popularity if it is compatible with multiple gaming systems. Every gamer has a preferred platform. But that preferred platform often changes according to just what they are doing at any given time.

While traveling or lounging on the couch, some individuals prefer to play games on a console, while preferring to play games on an Android or iPhone device when they are traveling or commuting to work or school. Because of its greater accessibility, a cross-platform game will thereby fulfill the desires of every player for much more of the time.

Build Better Game Communities

Games can – and do – unite communities of people and allow players to play together regardless of location or platform thanks to cross-platform functionality. For players who wish to play with their friends online, this becomes a significant factor in game choice and may be the deciding factor for them when choosing between games that have certain similarities.

Unreal Engine Game Development Offers Better Collaboration

The Blueprint visual scripting system, something that is unique to the Unreal Engine, allows us, as your Unreal game development agency, to implement your ideas in a simplified mode and for you to immediately see the result. This allows for the kind of immediate, real-time collaboration between client and game developer that can both help ensure that the game is progressing as it should, and speed up the game development process as a whole.

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Unreal Game Development is Suitable for Multiple Gaming Niches

When some people think of Unreal games they think of fighting games, and as that is how it was first developed, that makes sense. However, Unreal Engine can now be used to develop high-quality games across a wide variety of gaming niches, from graphics-rich multiplayer fighting games and shooters to community-building, engaging cozy games.

Other Benefits of Working With Pearl Lemon Games

Other Benefits of Working With Pearl Lemon Games

Even though Pearl Lemon Games’ Unreal game development teams are solely focused on creating games, as a top Unreal game development firm, we are aware that even the most amazing games can’t exist in a vacuum.

However, we do have a secret weapon. We have access to some of the top digital marketing, SEO, social media, and public relations experts in the industry thanks to our affiliation with the larger Pearl Lemon Group, a collection of UK-based but internationally active businesses. We can use their skills to help ensure that your game receives the attention it deserves.

Ready to bring your Unreal game concepts to life? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss how hiring Pearl Lemon Games as your Unreal game development agency will help you realise your objectives and make your game ideas a profitable reality.

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