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Mobile Game Development for IOS

Oh, are you an Apple enthusiast? With its pleasing aesthetics, features and specifications, as well as its world-renowned own operating system known as iOS, we are not going to be arguing that Apple products are one of the most popular and worthy brands available in the market.

In the aspect of gaming, Apple has tight competition with other Android-operated brands. However, due to the difference in operating systems used by Apple’s iPhone to other brands, this might be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage. 

But don’t fret—here at Pearl Lemon Games, we can do anything!

Your ideas for a game that has the potential to boom in the world of iPhone users might be the awaited game that they see as entertaining and memorable.

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Mobile Game Development For IOS

Well, if you are truly living in the technological era, you know that Apple products, specifically iPhone, are one of the most recognisable brands in the world. 

In June 2022, iOS had a 27.22% market share worldwide, second to Android’s 72.11% market share. Even with a different operating system, it still stands strong as a powerhouse of gadgets because its rival, Android, is divided by many competitive brands, which also strives to offer novel features for the customers. 

You might be thinking, Android is larger and has more potential consumers for my game, so why should I make my Game here in iOS?


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Well, first of all, the iOS features allow your creativity to stretch out and be extensive in the universe of possibilities. Unlike Android, iOS wants you to become fulfilled in your goals, and it lets you accomplish them by their specifications. Second, it provides you with a platform which has more security against online hackers and such. 

Apple has ever since wanted you to protect yourself from any other malicious acts. Lastly, the market that you want to penetrate here at iOS is in a reasonable amount. Your games will have their time in the spotlight in the iOS community. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we want to make both you and the iOS users happy with the game content that we will be creating and developing.

We want what’s best for you, and iOS is the best choice for you.

Our Mobile Game Development Services for iOS

Now, you might find our agency interesting and wants to know more about how we can serve you. Here are our recommended services that best serve your liking and preference.

Mobile Game Development

You have come to the right service! Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we have the perfect service for mobile games. Since these games available on smartphones dominate the gaming industry, we have come prepared to make and develop games based on the client’s heart. 

The industry for mobile gaming is incredibly profitable and immersive, as many novel ideas have sprouted from the ground of the Internet. With our team of mobile game experts, we will surely bring your game into reality.

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Buildbox Game Development

With Buildbox available on iOS 13.0 or up, Pearl Lemon Games can help you in creating your game if you’ve chosen Buildbox as your primary game development program to use for your game. 

With its enormous potential in creating unique games, Pearl Lemon Games constantly draws on our experience as a top Buildbox game development company to create a sizable and varied portfolio of games of all kinds. With Buildbox being such a good, flexible game creation platform, our Buildbox developers, with combined experience and knowledge, can grant the wishes of our clients.

Roblox Game Development

There are plenty of available Roblox game developers offering their services to potential clients via gaming forums and communities, freelance work or social media promotions. We can’t deny that many of these developers have the best interest at heart and do creative games. However, finding the best Roblox developer for your game can be pretty tiring.

A superb game development team, the one that operates within the framework of a genuine corporation, is what you get when you employ a Roblox game development company like Pearl Lemon Games. In our case, we are a business that is a component of a larger group of companies with a clean history and a good reputation. Therefore, if we promise to accomplish anything, we follow through since our reputation depends on it.

Video Game Development

Pearl Lemon Games collaborate with you, our most esteemed client and see you as our guide to meet your needs and wants for your game. It is also our goal to develop a successful game that will suffice not just for you but for our potential players.

Our talented game artists, animators, and designers work together to bring your vision to life by giving the player a unique and amazing gaming experience. Our enthusiasm and love for games are just as important as the technologies and resources required to support an efficient, iterative game development process.

Roblox Game Development

The cross-platform concept is a good tool for Roblox to penetrate all users of technology. As a video game development agency that will cater for your game that we will be launching primarily for iOS users, we’d say that this is one of the perfect services for you.

If you are a marketer who focuses on penetrating the iOS users before anything else, well, Roblox has unquestionable commercial potential in the present. Despite its age, Roblox is still in its infancy as a marketing tool. However, in recent years, the number of businesses and retailers on Roblox has skyrocketed. Additionally, it isn’t only a stage for the powerful.

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Unity Game Development

As a levelling tool for independent game producers that lack the resources of large game studiOS, Unity provides game developers with a rich and comprehensive platform to create games on. In essence, this is a platform where developers may publish their creations, make them publically available, and serve as a source of inspiration for other developers.

The Unity software also provides valuable tools and capabilities, such as the ability to browse project directories and create animations using a timeline tool. This expedites game production while also making it considerably more straightforward and more effective from our agency’s perspective to update the customer on our progress.

If you want to find more information regarding our services, just click the link here.

You can also try our games for you to learn and experience the gameplay that we want you to feel.

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Step Up The Game!

Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we want what’s best for you. iOS users deserve to be known not just because they can buy expensive brands like Apple but because they want to experience the ultimate offers, iOS has for them. 

As a game developer, building your game for iOS is the perfect choice for you as long as you trust us to make your dreams into reality. 

Let’s step up the game!

With our collaborative effort, you will surely be successful in penetrating iOS and dominating your game.

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Apple iOS or iPhone Operating System is a mobile operating system made exclusively by Apple for their products. It powers the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad before the launch of iPadOS. It is also the world’s second-most widely installed mobile operating system, behind Android.

Throughout the years, Apple has always planned to upgrade its products’ features and specifications. Even though iPhone might not be the ideal phone for gaming, it still is one of the best phones suited for gaming. The features of the iPhone can be compared to high-end Android phones that is on the market now. For example, the iPhone 13 is one of the recent Apple iPhone generations that was released and with the reviews of its buyers, we cannot complain that it does wonders in the aspect of gaming and is worthy of buying. 

Pearl Lemon Games has the best offers and services that cater for your wants, needs and demands as our client. We tailor each service you select to your specialisation or nature of business and help you as much as we can, whether it may be for promotion, marketing or the process in general. We understand your goals and always consider them because we always want to follow what things you visualise for your game– Are you curious about how we work? Book a call with us.