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Buildbox Game Development Agency

Buildbox is one of the simplest, most seamless game development softwares on the market today. It can be mastered by a patient amateur as there is no significant coding involved, and everything needed to develop a Buildbox game is contained within the build package.

As Buildbox game developers, the Pearl Lemon Games team make use of this platform when a game build suits it and the client’s game development budget calls for a more economical build. We have been delighted to work with keen gamers as individuals, influencers, small businesses and more to utilize Buildbox to help them bring their visions for an original game to life.

Which Gaming Platforms is Buildbox Best For?

Buildbox is designed to be used to create original video games for the mobile space and for PC and Mac gaming. As such it can be the best choice for those looking to develop a presence in the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and Pc gaming marketplaces like Steam. Buildbox games can also be marketed as standalone download offerings.

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Buildbox Game Niches We Can Serve

As a full service, experienced Buildbox game development agency Pearl Lemon Games can, and do, take on the challenges of building games offering almost any function our clients can dream up.

As Buildbox is such a versatile game creation platform, and our Buildbox developers have so much combined experience and expertise, and our clients have so many ideas, Pearl Lemon Games constantly makes use of our expertise as a leading Buildbox game development agency to build a large and diverse portfolio of games of all kinds.

However, there are some gaming niches we can claim the very highest levels of experience with, and they cover many of the most popular genres in gaming today, especially in the mobile space:


Any game where the majority of the challenges are physical tests of skill falls under the action genre. Although races and object collection can occasionally be included in action games, these elements are not essential to the genre.

Tactical and exploratory tasks may also be present, however these games occasionally call for quick reflexes and good hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the player is frequently pressed for time. Faster action games are typically more difficult, and all of his presents challenges that fans of the genre embrace and crave.

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Video games with an adventure theme tell the tale of a character or characters going on a real adventure.

The most distinctive aspect of an adventure video game is that, probably with the exception of minigames, the entire game adheres to a single consistent premise and has few to no screen/perspective changes (unlike some RPGs). This helps the player concentrate on the one objective of his or her adventure.

Making use of all that Buildbox has to offer means that our developers can build adventure games that fully submerge players in a new world and a new character, while moving the narratives along without missing a beat.


The arcade is where video gaming got its start, and the public’s appetite for arcade gaming has never waned. A recent rise in the demand from Gen X and Millennials for modern video games that recreate and reimagine the arcade games of their youth has seen Pearl Lemon Games tackle, as a Buildbox game development agency, both retro inspired and brand-new arcade game offerings.


Casual games make up the most significant portion of the games offered in the major mobile app stores, and reach a hugely diverse range of player base demographics.

Casual gaming is the word used to describe video games that don’t demand a significant time commitment to play, win, and enjoy. A casual gamer is a person who enjoys video games but doesn’t devote a lot of time to them, playing them sometimes, irregularly, or on the spur of the moment.

Buildbox is perfect for the development of casual games across a huge range of niches, everything from card games to easy life sims, puzzle games and more. Developing an easy, but highly engaging branded casual game is the choice of many companies who look to expand their marketing efforts via gamification and as a Buildbox game development agency Pearl Lemon Games are happy to help them.

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Sports video games are among the oldest offerings in the space, and creating games that simulate participating in real life sports was basically at the foundation of the video gaming industry in general.

Today’s sports video games fans play across a huge variety of sports, and demand levels of realism that were unimaginable when those early games came out. As Buildbox allows us to build this into mobile games with huge efficiency, the fact that we can shrink a football pitch or racing circuit into a space that is so small continues to astonish our clients (and us) 

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The Pearl Lemon Games Secret Weapon

Pearl Lemon Games’ Buildbox game development teams are entirely focused on game production, but as a top game development company working across a wide range of niches and platforms, we are aware that even the most amazing mobile games can’t thrive in a vacuum.

However, we do possess an arsenal of secret weapons. We have access to some of the top digital marketing, SEO, social media, and public relations experts in the industry and can enlist their services at any time to help ensure that your mobile game receives the attention it deserves.

How? We are a part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group, a group of UK-based but globally operating companies that are established leaders in these spaces (and more) From promotional copy to public relations, app store SEO to press releases and media launches, as well as that all important social media marketing we can offer a ‘one-stop shop’ to ensure that your Buildbox game reaches eager gamers as quickly and extensively as possible.

Ready to bring your Buildbox video game concepts to life? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how choosing Pearl Lemon Games as your mobile game development company will help you realise your gaming development ideas, whatever they might be.