Top 10 Roblox Fighting Games

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Roblox, a seemingly straightforward sandbox game, manages to attract more players every day, of all ages too now, Roblox is no longer just for kids! And some of the most played titles are Roblox fighting games.

Maybe it’s the variety of fighting games available to play, nearly all of which are created and administered by the community, or maybe it’s the fact that it works on practically any system and can be played as easily on a phone when on the go as it can on a fancy console machine in your living room.

There are SO many options for fighting games on Roblox, ranging from bare-knuckle brawlers to those that call for tactical thinking and military strategy it can be hard to know where to start.

To help you discover a new Roblox fighting game, we’ve been playing a lot of them, in order to come up with a Top 10 Roblox fighting game list. The surprisingly compelling mechanics in all of these Roblox fighting games, whether they occur in the form of long-term improvements or the complexities of fights in general, are what unite them and earned them a place on this list, although they are all rather different.

Some have stellar graphics, while others stand out for their fight mechanics and/or storylines. Some are deceptively simple looking and then surprise you with their engaging gameplay.

Given how many fighting games are available on Roblox, and the fact that gaming is very much a personal thing, the chances are that you won’t agree with all of our picks. Which you could fight us over. Or you could get in touch and tell us about a great Roblox fighting game we missed, so we can consider it for a future list. However, for now, let’s get to that top ten.

Top 10 Roblox Fighting Games

1. Medieval Clash

At first, this seems like a very simple Roblox fighting game, and in terms of graphics, it is not the most advanced, although the worlds are very pleasing to the eye.

The appeal for us of this game is that although it is certainly friendly to players of all skill abilities and ages is that in addition to fighting action – and there are plenty of battles to be won – there is a defined quest element that many other Roblox fighting games lack.

Rather than just earning weapons-swords, axes, and other medieval goodies – you can find them by exploring one of four worlds that are available to be battled across. In many cases, you’ll find that the enemies creep up on you as you search for helpful items, meaning that you need to remain hyper-aware if you don’t want to get on the wrong end of something sharp.

Victories will earn you currency, which can be exchanged for items in the game lobby. You can play alone or with others and often discover all kinds of stuff you missed when going back through each individual world.

Whether you play Medieval Clash for the quest challenge, the battles, or simply enjoy walking, running, or even swimming through some nicely imagined medieval worlds and listening to the rather calming music, this game is well worth your time.

2. Bleeding Blades

Although still in Alpha, this game is another one that offers more than a mindless slash-and-kill experience.

It’s a solo or multiplayer slasher, but its battles – of which there are three at the time of writing – are based on real events in history, with the timeline drifting between antiquity and medieval times, and the battles spanning both Ancient Rome and Greece.

Like Medieval Clash the graphics are simple, but the storylines are engrossing, and hey you might even expand your historical knowledge. Do you know what happened at the Battle of Milvian Bridge? Play this Roblox fighting game, and you’ll find out.

3. Pilfering Pirates

No foot soldiers here, but battleships instead. Or, more specifically, pirate and navy battleships.

This is a four-on-four multiplayer ship-to-ship combat game. It is based on a number of much-loved multiplayer game variants that have appeared over time, including the ship battles that are so prevalent on Garry’s Mod minigame servers.

Of course, the object of the game is to use hand-to-hand fighting and artillery fire to destroy every other ship. But you will need to be a little cunning to win. It helps if you were (or are) good at board games like Battleship.

Depending on each team’s skill level, games in Pilfering Pirates can last a few minutes or much, much longer, though one team typically ends up crushing the others.

4. Zombie Uprising

Zombies and fighting games go together, and that’s even true on Roblox. If the wildly popular zombie maps from various Call of Duty games are among your favorites, you are going to like this game.

Players can take on endless waves of zombies in this Call of Duty: Zombies knockoff to see how long they can hold out.

The player’s ability to endure numerous waves of more challenging zombies is put to the test in this intense zombie shooter game. They must battle a variety of zombie entities, including some that crawl, some that resemble skeletons, and even enormous zombie bosses.

To survive each wave, players must play in teams and cooperate, restoring fallen comrades and improving their arsenal. Once their level and skill have increased, they can choose an even more chaotic challenge from the menu and participate in that too.

5. Strongest Punch Simulator

The strongest Punch Simulator is a fun little game where players can level up and continuously improve their characters by punching over barriers or battling other players.

This is a really easy game that doesn’t ask too much of its participants. They start out in a confined area where they have to scale walls in order to find orbs that will let them advance to the next world. As they advance in rank, their characters will continue to get stronger and quicker.

Except when standing in safe zones, players are vulnerable to attacks at all times when training, therefore they must be on guard. Players can compete against each other, level up a character, and get exclusive pets and loot. Simple stuff, but a good way to fill a spare 15 minutes.

6. Anime Dimensions Simulator

This is an anime-themed Roblox fighting game that’s actually worth playing – there are a lot of similar games on the platform that are not – and features many well-known characters and skills from anime shows from the past two decades. To find new stuff and advance in the game, players must explore various dungeons and travel to new places.

Because it enables users to play as their preferred anime characters and acquire more of them through the completion of dungeons, Anime Dimensions sets itself apart from other anime games on Roblox.

Every character has a unique set of skills, usually, the one players will be familiar with from the various shows, so learning new ones is enjoyable. Bosses in the dungeons must be defeated in order to level up and win rewards. Depending on their level, players will receive points and loot for finishing the dungeon faster.

7. Super Power Fighting Simulator

In order to advance in Super Power Fighting Simulator, players must hone their virtual reflexes, bodies, and minds. They can also test their skills on their own or with friends.

The core elements of this Roblox fighting game include perfecting basic combat, developing quick reflexes, and leveling up. As a result, players are encouraged to practice daily, complete objectives, and challenge themselves by perfecting combos, enhancing response times, and other skills.

Players can also converse with, interact with, or challenge other players in a duel. Last but not least, they are ranked according to their victories, deaths, and reputation. The majority of players start off in the F-class and progress to the XYZ-Class.

8. My Hero Mania

An anime series called My Hero Academia – lots of you are probably familiar with it – was directly adapted into this combat sports fighting game. It includes all of the oddball characters from the show, including Tsu and Shoto, as well as their extraordinary abilities and talents.

In order to explore the My Hero Mania world, players can take on the roles of Ochako and Deku. The battle system displays the characters’ unique qualities and skills in addition to allowing for exploration.

The focus of the game is on exploration and engaging in combat, therefore playing it isn’t particularly taxing or challenging. It’s one of those less taxing fighting games that gamers should play while they’re feeling anxious or stressed out.

9. Super Saiyan Simulator 2

In the Roblox fighting game Super Saiyan Simulator 2, players assume the role of one of the Saiyans from the Dragon Ball anime and film series. Although the game may not look as good as some of the triple-A Dragon Ball releases, it plays almost as well in parts, and if you are a Goku groupie you really should give it a go.

Super Saiyan Simulator 2, despite having DBZ characters that look a lot squarer than normal, does a nice job at bringing the world of the Saiyans to life. There are also a lot of other anime fighters that feature Dragon Ball characters, if it turns out that this game isn’t your cup of tea, but you still want a fighting game that will let you put a Saiyan on your team.

10. Anime Fighter Simulator

Originally known as Anime Fighters, this fighting game challenges the player to go up against some of the most well-known anime characters from the past and present.

Players get to select their characters, who can also be combined or customized to boost their stats, in order to defeat rivals, earn Yen, and even conquer small mini-games in a variety of worlds.

The slightly monotonous gameplay of the main game—which primarily consists of hitting and defeating opponents, earning money from those triumphs, spending it, then returning to fight tougher opponents—has drawn some criticism. However, the numerous worlds and mini-games, such as lightning time trials, make it worthwhile to play at least a few times.