Achieve High Visits On Your Roblox Game In A Month

How Do You Promote The Game?

1. Advertisements

Roblox has an ad feature which can only be active within 24hrs. After the said timeframe, you will need to reactivate the ad campaign to continue promoting manually.

While you run ads for your campaign, you should work hand in hand with a good graphic designer. The more creative the artwork, the more compelling it gets to targeted players online.

It’s also crucial for you to have a budget. Here’s an example we would love for you to watch:

Optimal Timeline: Run the ads for a week when your game is launched or when there is a decline in active players. Keep in mind that the higher your budget is for the ad campaign, the more people will see your game ad.
Roblox Marketing Launch

2. Get Sponsored

Roblox Marketing Launch

This strategy is quite similar to ads. But for getting sponsored, your game will be placed under the Sponsored section of Roblox for 28 days.

Optimal Timeline: Run the sponsored ads for a month. It’s cheap, and also popular among people with no idea what to play in Roblox.

3. Join A Group On Roblox

If you’ve ever heard of getting help from like-minded people, then the concept is the same with this strategy. It would be a very good choice to join the right groups with the same tags as your game (see screenshot for example).

Optimal Timeline: A week to a month after your game is launched.

Roblox Marketing Launch
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The What Ifs & What’s Next?

There are probably a few questions on your mind. Well– we’re here to answer that.

1. What if ads don’t work?

If 24-hour ads don’t work, use Sponsored Ads. Since sponsored ads go longer, you’d get data on them.

Run it for at least a week. If running it for a week doesn’t work, check the data and see what days you get high visits in your game. Then run Ads on those days day.

2. What if ads and getting sponsored don’t work?

If 1 and 2 don’t work, join a group and advertise the game. It should get you visits and feedback.

Should there be any negative feedback, check if it’s reasonable to upgrade or change, then do it.

3. What if all 3 aren’t working for me?

If all the above are done, and we’re still getting minimal visits, there are a few options you can do.

Check Category & Tags

Either replace it or add more. Add more keywords to your game to trigger that metadata that Roblox needs when players do searches.

Here are some tips regarding that strategy:

  • Don’t stuff your keyword in your description.
  • Write good sentences about your game when triggering keywords. Example: You have a game about boats – Type “Play the game and sail the seven seas using your very own BOAT”.

Use Helpful Data

Get your game’s data within 24 hours to 1 week and check how long players stay. There are two indicators you can use.

  • If they stay for more than 30 minutes, the game probably needs more content, so people don’t get bored.
  • If they stay less than 15 minutes, the game probably needs information for people to play it.

For those reasons, you can try adding content/information to your game and repeat as necessary.

Promote With Streamers

Reach out to small streamers to play the game. If budget permits, reach out to streamers with large viewers on Roblox and YouTube.

Other Things You Can Work On

1. Game Not Yet Launched

  • Place the words “Alpha Test” on your Game title when you publicise. This way, you can already do a test run on the game before the actual launch. It also helps to prevent players from playing your game while it’s not yet ready.
  • Add a teaser or trailer of your game on your thumbnails across platforms and download centres . You can also use social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

2. Game Is Already Launched

  • You can post your game trailer on social media sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.
  • You can also get in-game images of people playing and use them as thumbnails to make them more relatable and compelling for target gamers.
  • Check new details regarding terms of service for doing ads. There may be an update or new content needed before getting into ads.