Top 10 Escape Games on Roblox

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As Roblox continues to grow as a gaming platform – and the player demographic continues to change – the wealth of games available for players to choose from keeps expanding right along with everything else.

There are, however, some game genres on Roblox that are far and away the most popular, one of which is escape room games on Roblox. However, searching through hundreds of games is tedious, boring, and a real waste of precious gaming time.

But we can help. Here we are going to take a closer look at our top ten escape room games on Roblox to help you find a game (fast) that will provide you with the minutes/hours/days of exciting escape room gameplay on Roblox you are looking for.

What is a Roblox Escape Game?

Escape rooms in the real world have been a huge trend for years, but the pandemic put an end to all the fun for most people, as an escape room is best played with a team. Enter Roblox escape games that allowed players to keep puzzling their way through challenges and adventures even if they could not physically be together. while also undertaking obstacle courses and other physics-based challenges.

A good escape room game in any form, especially on Roblox, should offer brain-teasing puzzles, an engaging story, interesting characters and enough of a challenge to be entertaining, but not so much that the puzzles are impossible to solve, resulting in rage quits and a complete loss of interest.

Keeping all this in mind was a must when choosing our top ten Roblox escape games, and we played through a lot of rooms – some good, some not so good so that you don’t have to experience the frustration of getting stuck in a bad escape room (and a bad game) Try one of these games (or all of them) and we are pretty sure you’ll have a great time, either as a solo player or, even better, as a part of a puzzle solving online team.

Top 10 Escape Room Games on Roblox1. Rules of Logic

Rules of Logic is a Roblox escape game that deftly combines several popular fictional genres at the same time. Take part gangster movie, part medieval adventure, and add a splash of mysterious magic a la Harry Potter and you have a Roblox escape game that offers challenges galore as it offers not just an escape experience but as close to a virtual ESCAPE ROOM challenge as you can get on Roblox.

What we particularly love about this Roblox escape game is that you need to puzzle your way through so many worlds, from the grand ballroom populated with some questionable characters where your adventure begins to a dark, dense woodland, a crowded urban cityscape, an outer space outpost and more. And you control your adventure, as the lobby teleporter lets you choose just where you’ll head next.

There are plenty of challenges without things getting frustratingly difficult, lots of interesting (but not always helpful) people to meet, and the replay value is great. It’s a little more cerebral than many of the other games on this list, which is a big part of its appeal. Escape games should test your gray matter, and this one certainly does that.

The other big plus? You can enjoy Rules of Logic as a solo player every bit as much as when playing with a team, making hopping in to play whenever you have a little downtime easy and engaging.

2. Escape Papa Pizza’s Pizzeria!

If you are into jump scares, but not getting scared so badly that you simply run away from the game screaming, then this game is a great choice. The new pizza parlor in town looks great, but rumour has it that the tasty secret ingredient everyone is talking about is actually human flesh. This is a really big problem for you as you are currently stuck inside and the strange Papa Pizza has just arrived to make the day’s pizza!

This is a great escape game choice if you like mild jump scares, and while it owes a lot to another pizzeria that’s hugely popular in the gaming world, it’s still tons of fun.

3. Escape Ronald’s Restaurant!

Another escape game challenge with plenty of jump scares, the player finds themselves in an oddly familiar-looking fast food restaurant – think creepy red-haired clowns and golden arches – and rather than greeting you happily, the employees seem to be dead set (pardon the slight pun) on making sure that the fast food you came to enjoy is the last food you ever eat.

The obstacles in this game are quite challenging, and the graphics, while simple, are effective. The only problem is that if you were planning to get a Big Mac after playing it, you might just not want to anymore!

4. Escape the Prison

One of the most obvious places that anyone might want to try and plan an escape from is a prison. Having robbed a bank, your character is behind bars but obviously would prefer that not remain the case. However, with the prison guards on your trail, you only have a limited amount of time to make a successful bid for freedom.

While escaping from prison is not the most original concept for a game, this is a fun little challenge and a great choice for those who want to try a game that is not horror based (which many of the Roblox escape challenges are.)

5. Escape Pool Obby

As much of an obstacle course as it is an escape challenge, this game sees your lovely, relaxing day at the pool go horribly wrong when the normally cheerful and helpful lifeguard has a bit too much sun and decides to go on a murderous rampage instead. Your challenge is to escape both the pool and the resort before you become his next victim.

What stands out about this game are the clever graphic objects – we love the donut pool lounger – and the snappy pace.

6. Bakon

Some fans of this game might have placed it higher on the list, and so might we if the various chapters made a bit more sense (like they do in Rules of Logic, for example)

That having been said, we love many of the characters and as individual stories some of the escape room challenges are excellent, so it’s certainly one for your list of new Roblox games to try. The challenges span several genres – time travel, horror, fantasy – so there should be something for everyone to enjoy!

7. Escape Military Training

In this hobby-based escape room game, you have found yourself conscripted into the military, but you would really rather not be there. However, in order to stand a chance of a return to civilian life, you’ll need to get through some challenging military-style obstacle courses and then, if you can manage that, puzzle your way off the base altogether.

The biggest appeal of this game is its slightly frenetic pace, as it moves fast, challenging you to get both your hands and your brain in gear. If you’re feeling a bit sluggish and have a few minutes, this game might be just what you need to blow away the cobwebs.

8. Flee the Facility

You are trapped in a facility – it might be a government facility, it might be a camp run by crazies – but you really need to get out. However, all kinds of beasts, robots, questionable humans, and others are bent on stopping you, and the fact that the place is like a maze does not help much either.

This game is another example of a Roblox escape game that keeps growing, and while some of the chapters are better than others, and you may have to play through a few so-so puzzle adventures to get to better ones it still offers a really good time (for you, not your harried character)

9. Pet🐶Escape 2

Tired of being a human? Try life as a cute critter trapped (as they see it) in a pet store instead. You can play as a cat, dog, bird, or even a snake and make a bid for freedom from your pet shop crate to head out into the open world, but only if you can get past the staff. After all, you’ll be money walking out of the door, and why would they want that?

This is a fun, cute game that lacks the horror elements that might be too much for younger children, so is a good choice for a Roblox escape game that the whole family can try together.

10. Escape Spongeboy and Krispy Crab Obby!

OK, so this game is terribly derivative, and Nickelodeon might not love it, but we had a lot of fun with it, and therefore really didn’t want to leave it off our Top 10 Roblox Escape Games list.

The idea is, of course, to escape a very familiar undersea eating establishment as, for some reason, the usually chipper and lovely yellow fry cook wants to add you as the new secret ingredient for his popular patties. It’s all very silly, but also tons of fun.

And there you have it, our Top 10 Roblox Escape Games list. Try starting right at the top – Rules of Logic really is an excellent game – and working your way down, doing so will keep you entertained for hours!