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You’re probably wondering why your gaming app has low downloads on the app store.

The most obvious reason is that you have failed to promote it properly.

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Unlocking Success in Mobile Game Marketing: Strategies for Digital Success

As the world slowly grasps innovation, the marketing industry never falls behind.

Because of that, mobile marketing can now take several forms.

Everything online is crucial in digital marketing, even for games, especially mobile games.

By 2023, the mobile gaming industry is thriving, with the average revenue per user (ARPU) for mobile games projected to reach $164. This showcases the industry’s profitability. Additionally, the market for mobile gaming is set to experience substantial growth, estimated to reach a market volume of $376.70 billion by 2027. 

This expansion is driven by a steady annual growth rate of 7.08% from 2023 to 2027, highlighting the strong demand and promising prospects in the mobile gaming market.

Make sure not to fall behind the competition; execute the right marketing strategy for your mobile games.

Here are some best digital marketing strategies you can use.

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Ad formats

Some ad formats work better for marketing mobile games than others.

At the same time, creative new advertisements are emerging to better cater to consumers’ ever-changing mobile gaming preferences.

Traditional ad formats provide the security of tried-and-true possibilities, but some of the best-performing formats, particularly for mobile games, fall into the innovation categories:

Video Ads 

By creating a video ad, you are showing the players how to play your game. Aside from that, you can include game features and why they should play it. 

Playable Ads 

Mini-games that customers can play before installing are known as playable ads. They provide good user experiences, are always enjoyable and help boost user acquisition.

Playable advertisements were rated as the most successful ad format by marketing experts. Potential consumers are more likely to become active players after playing an interactive mobile game demo.

Rewarded video ads

Rewarded video advertising is a format that offers users the perk of watching a full-screen ad for a certain amount of time. For instance, if your mobile game uses in-app coins as currency, you could give consumers more coins in exchange for spending 30 seconds watching a full-screen advertisement.

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In-game advertising

A monetisation technique used by game developers to increase money from their games is called in-game advertising (IGA). Developers pop a mobile game ad during players’ in-game sessions. In-game advertising has advanced significantly over the years in keeping with the quickly expanding mobile app market. It is now one of the most successful sources of income for mobile games.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become very popular in the game development sector. It has been used in almost every business industry. The gaming sector is not a recent addition to the army.

Gaming influencers are well-known and influential, like those in fashion, fitness, and beauty. On websites like YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch, gamers stream their gameplay live to their viewers.

Gaming influencers can generate money in various ways in addition to the many hours spent live-streaming games. Gamers can make money through sponsored brand collaborations, game reviews, and testing.

Influencer marketing has always been one of the best methods for app marketing. According to marketers, 71% of brands believe that traffic and customer quality from influencer marketing is superior to those from other sources.

Establish Online Presence

Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular techniques for mobile game producers is having a presence outside of the app store environment.

It’s critical to highlight key elements of your game, such as photos, gameplay samples, and news, which are essential components of a marketing strategy.

You might consider creating a website for your mobile game app and let your players reach you aside from the google play store(Plus, google ads are s thing).

Aside from a website, building your online presence on social media is one thing you want to consider in your marketing campaign. Most people browse their social media daily. Including it in your mobile marketing campaigns can help you reach the right target audience.

App Store Optimisation

App developers use App Store Optimization (ASO) to get their inventions to the top of SERPs in app stores, similar to how SEO is used for websites.

Developers are recommended to optimise accordingly to increase visibility.

Both in-app titles and descriptions and keywords are crucial to ASO.

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Regarding title optimisation, this might be difficult for developers because, if you’re making an MMORPG game, odds are it won’t include MMORPG in the title.

However, adding the appropriate keywords to a mobile game’s description will make the biggest difference. Proper optimisation can put you on top and create a higher chance that your game will display on recommended apps.

Hire A Marketing Agency


Due to the industry’s rapid expansion, more businesses are now looking for chances in the gaming industry. However, the nature of digital marketing in the gaming industry is distinct from that in other industries, creating several peculiar obstacles for business owners.

Brands frequently seek the assistance of video game marketing agencies, whose professionals are experts in the field. Here are several ways how a video game marketing company can benefit you:

  • receive more app store downloads
  • saves your time and effort
  • increasing organic traffic
  • reach your right target market
  • enhanced SEO

And many more.

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Compared to other types of content, video content has greater conversion rates. A developer can use high-quality promotional video footage in social media marketing initiatives to engage the target audience.

These social media networks’ live video streaming features, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live, are handy when promoting games. 

The audience finds live streaming videos with a Q&A session, crowd conversations, and bloopers impressive. You can develop your brand’s identity and draw your target audience to experience your services through video marketing campaigns.

Without content, no promotions are possible. Content is the centre of marketing efforts in today’s evolving environment. The most active corporations that use the most suitable content marketing are those in the gaming industry.

They consistently meet the needs of gamers from various sectors in terms of their preferences, demography, and areas of interest. 

Players may have different game tastes, so their preferred material types will also differ. Others like to be entertained by videos, audio, or podcasts, while the remainder relies on popular infographics and social media posts.

In outsourcing a marketing agency, it is best to know the scope of their skills and capabilities. Pearl Lemon Games has experts in the gaming and marketing industry who take pride in delivering results. So you don’t have to worry about ineffective marketing.

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