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Many gamers who grew up playing stealth games have a soft spot for them in their hearts. On the PlayStation 2, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, most people spent countless hours playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Thief II, Black Friday, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Silent Assassin, which fully hooks them on the genre.

These games generally provide something completely different from others. Instead of just moving to finish a level, stealth games push players to think creatively and devise unique ways to accomplish goals. 

Many AAA games, especially those recently released, lack the mental challenge that comes with trying to finish missions undetected. If you’re planning to develop one-make sure not to miss out on this. People love challenging games.

However, if you already have a game idea in mind but aren’t sure if it’s challenging enough for people to love, our experts here at Pearl Lemon Games can help! Our team comprises hardcore players, so we know what people like for a great stealth game. 

Aside from that, we can also help you turn those game ideas into reality through our exceptional game development services. It’s like hitting multiple birds with one stone!

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Why Do Players Love Stealth Games So Much?

Games that make you sneak have a unique quality. The pushing, pulling, meditative pauses and flurry of activity all keep you on your toes. After playing one of the most enjoyable stealth games, you might wonder, what’s the reason behind all the fun? Why is creeping around such fun? Is sneaking the main focus, or is it everything else? Briefly, stated, why do we enjoy stealth games so much?

Let’s get into more details here:

Success Comes Through Trial and Error

In some games, like shooters, you can usually succeed after failing the first time if you reload and try again. There is an exception to this rule, but it still applies to stealth games. To properly complete the objectives in stealth games, you must learn a specific set of rules. If you keep failing, you might be doing something incorrectly. You find out what works and what doesn’t by making mistakes. You can only advance by making mistakes and learning from them; that is how you develop.

It Has Challenging Features

Stealth games present a unique kind of difficulty, and that’s why many love playing them. Anyone can shoot a gun, but no heister can creep around a penthouse unnoticed without firing a single shell. It’s tense and makes people’s heart race. When you successfully pull off stealth, you feel powerful. There is no resistance, no failure, and no unlucky spawning of two bulldozers at once to slow you down and make you restart. Instead of shooting someone in the face to solve the puzzle, it requires alot of thinking. 

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It Tests Logical Skills

Due to the more deliberate and personal level of contact with the adversaries compared to other genres, people believe stealth to be more empowering. You engage the enemies at a distance in many third-person shooters (FPSs), waiting for them to reveal themselves before just pressing the trigger. 

Additionally, the ability to outmanoeuvre and outthink your opponent is your weapon in a stealth action game, not your ability to outgun them. 

You are:

  • Inches from your unprepared enemies.
  • Controlling their virtual lives at your will.
  • Not firing from a distance.

You must comprehend, foresee, and control the AI’s behaviour to your advantage. You must be familiar with the layout of a place and know what to do and where to go if something goes wrong.

Popular Stealth Games That Might Inspire You

Now that we’ve learned the reasons behind the hype of stealth games, let’s go through some of the big guys in the industry that will further help your video game ideas. Make sure to jot down notes!

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

In every way, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is a stealth game of the present. Want to play it on a simpler difficulty setting like a third-person shooter? Yes, you certainly can. 

Thanks to a world-travelling campaign, a versatile player toolkit, one of the best cover systems in gaming history, a timeless visual aesthetic, and some incredible co-op moments, it is a standout stealth game. The multiplayer mode Spies vs Mercs was brought back by Blacklist, which is the icing on the cake.

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Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain forces us to embrace the never-ending war and bear witness to its horror, scars, and violence. It introduces us to one of the medium’s most compelling gameplay loops and one of the most nuanced physics systems. The Phantom Pain, like every other Hideo Kojima game, does a lot thematically, and in this case, it does so by wrapping up 1980s Cold War conflicts that are quite hot. There are also mechs and a fantastic dog.

Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper is a one-of-a-kind series that exemplifies the PS2’s mascot-heavy days. It’s suitable for younger players as long as they don’t mind stealing and combines stealth elements with simple platforming. Sly Cooper, aided by his partners in (literal) crime, is a master of stealth and traversal, and the game’s de-emphasis on direct combat contrasts with many other games of the era.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

All the Assassin’s Creed games might cover this entire list, but this one stands out because it does a fantastic job of advancing the series. The levelling system and, more specifically, the adversary levelling algorithms impede this game and prevent it from being damn near flawless. Also, the player’s abilities and the stealth gameplay offer endless enjoyment.

The player character can essentially choose between physical, ranged, or stealth takedowns in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

These are just some popular games among players; of course, there are still a lot more, like Hitman’s Agent, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Space Marshals, Far Cry, Castle Wolfenstein, Solid Snake, Plague Tale and more! Like how these games made it to the top board, yours can too when you work with us!

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