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Metroidvania is a largely two-dimensional subgenre of the action-adventure game genre and a good Metroidvania Games Development Agency can help you design a thrilling game.

In the Metroidvania , a player explores a map to gather objects and unlock new powers that allow them to explore the area further. It can also blend the gameplay mechanics of a platformer with the characters and plot of a role-playing game (RPG).

The replayability of Metroidvania games is one of their appeals. To delve into the game design and uncover new places necessitates retracing and special moves because many of the elements in the games are buried. There are many options available to players because the genre regularly sees new releases on numerous platforms, including iOS, Android, PCs, and popular consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation.

As a leading game development agency, our expert developers here at Pearl Lemon Games can create a good Metroidvania game. Whether you have a game idea in mind that needs nurturing or already have one, we can fully turn it into an actual game, ensuring that your every game requirement is met.

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What Makes Metroidvania Different

Games in the Metroidvania genre are typically based on two-dimensional, sidescrolling platform gameplay and have a large, interconnected world map that the player can explore. However, some areas of the world are inaccessible to players until they have acquired certain items, tools, weapons, skills, or knowledge.

This is just one part of the game; here’s a list to further understand the characteristics of this genre.

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Maps Open Up With Time

The player can typically travel side to side on a map while occasionally moving vertically to access stuff in a platformer. The world of Metroidvania games is transformed into a map with doors that need keys or other equipment to open the blocked pathways. The player must find these items to expand the map and advance the game.

The Game Is About Exploration

To advance in Metroidvania games, the player must look for an item and use it. The game appears to have greater depth due to the need to search and move to places the player would not typically go. When players find a secret, they are rewarded with either the item they need to keep playing or a gift that adds more value to their experience, like a new weapon or power-ups.

Story And Level Design Work Together

Every Metroidvania game is a puzzle, so a compelling narrative is necessary to keep players interested. This increases immersion compared to a classic side-scroller but decreases it compared to a contemporary open-world game.

Experimentation Works To The Player's Advantage

Hidden areas in Metroidvania games are inaccessible by usual means. A well-timed double jump in the ideal location might open a door or reveal a new weapon.

Metroidvania Games Development Agency
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Metroidvania Games Development Agency
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Most Have A Retro Aesthetic

The original Metroid and Castlevania, both 8-bit games with distinguishable pixels, are part of the Metroidvania genre’s appeal. There is a subgroup of Metroidvania games that emulate the visual aesthetics of the original games, although modern consoles and gadgets have considerably superior resolutions.

Looking Back To The Most Influential Titles In This Genre

Metroidvanias encourage exploration and players to keep learning new skills and uncovering new areas of the world, rewarding imagination and tenacity. The best and most influential films in the genre since its debut should be considered in light of the genre’s recent surge in popularity. To inspire you as an aspiring game developer, we listed some of the most popular Metroidvania games.

Metroidvania Games Development Agency
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Metroidvania Games Development Agency
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Blasphemous draws inspiration from Catholic iconography and amps up the horror elements. The game strongly leans toward dark fantasy rather than being a horror game. While battling bizarre creatures, slaying monsters, and meeting enigmatic allies, you traverse the corrupted lands of Cvstodia.

Blasphemous deserves to be on this list for its superbly realised world and atmosphere, but even the most devoted fans of Metroidvania games may find the difficulty spikes frustrating.

Metroid: Dread

Many enthusiasts believed that Metroid Dread represented a return to the Metroidvan gameplay style. After the events of Metroid Fusion, a superb GBA game that has received praise online since its release in 2002, this game was set up. However, there are many complaints about how linear the game was. It was also a story-driven title, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The 2D Metroidvania gameplay is revived in Metroid Dread, though. According to the chronology at the time this description was written, this game is the final installment in the Metroid franchise. Samus is being played by Dread players in Metroid following the Fusion events.

In the story, the Galactic Federation learns that the X parasite is still alive on a far-off planet. This forces the federation to dispatch EMMI robots to solve the issue. Sadly, the robots unexpectedly stop working, leaving our heroine to explore the world alone. Although at times difficult, it has generally gotten favourable reviews from both admirers and detractors.

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Dead Cells

Dead Cells may not have been the first game to take Dark Souls’ cues and veer away from Metroidvania conventions into roguevania territory. Still, it is unquestionably among the greatest in the genre. 

Dead Cells raises the bar and establishes a progression model that other independent video games would follow in its footsteps. It offers action that shifts from manageable to relentless the further you advance in the game, a vast arsenal of weapons, various abilities, and a march through some of the most difficult bosses ever encountered in the genre. You’ll laugh and weep alot, but the bragging rights alone make the trip behind enemy lines worthwhile.

Look No Further For The Best Metroidvania Games Development Agency

Over the past ten years, the phrase “Metroidvania” has come to have a life of its own, with numerous titles trying to capitalise on it. For a Metroidvania design to be successful, reach out to a competent game development agency like Pearl Lemon Games. You can rely on our experts throughout the game development process, from discussing your game concept until launching. And even beyond that! We can also assist in launching and promoting. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

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Metroidvania Games Development Agency
Metroidvania Games Development Agency


This depends on many factors, including the game requirements. But to give you an idea, a Metroidvania game, Ghost Song was developed for $15,000. But that was years ago; you can expect prices higher than that. 

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The core gameplay loop of your game should be solid from the very beginning. The responsive character control of a solid Metroidvania game will start out, and it will only get better from there. Games like Axiom Verge, Omega Strike, and Hollow Knight did not restrict the player’s initial base powers.

Yes, it is possible to create a 3D Metroidvania game. In fact, many people believe Shadow Man to be the first 3D Metroidvania, as well as the game that best demonstrated the potential of the genre in 3D.