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Roblox offers a staggering number of obby games to choose from. It can be challenging for the good ones to stand out because so many are dull, repetitive clones of the same game. However, if you can locate them, there are some fantastic obbys you can happily play for hours.

Need some help finding a new Roblox obby game to play that will keep you entertained – and challenged – for session after session? Here are our top 10 Roblox obby games that you can play right now.

As is often the case with these kinds of lists, these are only our favorites, so you may not agree with our selections. If so, we’re afraid you’re entirely and totally mistaken—these are the best ones! In all seriousness, though, if we’ve forgotten any Roblox obby games that you are enthusiastic about, let us know, and we might include them in a future list.

What is a Roblox Obby Game?

New to Roblox? Not sure what an obby game is? A simple definition of a Roblox obby is an obstacle course that you must navigate through in order to complete it. Jumps, climbing, guessing games, and trampolines are just a few examples of obstacles that you might encounter.

Given the virtually limitless options available in Roblox, many of the games have their own themes, storylines, and extras, and with the better ones, like the ones included on this list of top 10 Roblox obby games, you can tell how much care the developers put into creating them.

As is often the case with these kinds of best-of lists, these are only our favorites, so you may not agree with our selections. If so, we’re afraid you’re entirely and totally mistaken—these are the best ones! In all seriousness, though, if we’ve forgotten any Roblox obby offerings that you are especially enthusiastic about, let us know, and we might include them in a future list (and we’ll certainly give them a try.)

Top 10 Roblox Obby Games

1. Obby Pearls

Obby Pearls is not a particularly different obby game. In fact, it’s similar in basic mechanics to some of the other obby games on this list and on Roblox in general, but what makes it stand out for us is the challenge of progression and the rewards one can reap for doing so.

Making through an obby game level is good, getting progressively better rewards for doing so is even better. Here, as the name alludes to, collecting pearls as you make your way through 50 increasingly difficult levels allows you to return to the stalls at the start of the game path and exchange them for all kinds of swag, including some cute Roblox pets. Swag collecting has always been a big deal in gaming – for us anyway – so it’s great to see it so heavily featured here.

Swag aside, the range of challenges is fun too, as you can go from easy (great for filling a quick ten minutes of downtime) to surprisingly (and sometimes frustratingly) hard. If you want to keep an easy-to-pick-up, easy-to-play Roblox obby game on hand to dive into whenever you have some time to kill, this one really is an excellent choice.

2. Hard Parkour Obby

Have you ever wished you could do all of those cool parkour moves all the daredevils on YouTube perform? Hard Parkour Obby goes some way to help you in fulfilling those dreams, at least virtually (in real life you’re still on your own.)

There are more than a few other parkour obby games competing with this one, but as the same suggests, this one is tough, and it calls for some major logical thinking and quick controller skills. If you are new to parkour obbys starting with one of the other easier options may be a better idea, but once you’ve got the hang of things, come back to this one as it really offers a great challenge.

3. Tower of Hell

The name sounds scary and might lead you to expect a horror game rather than a challenging physics-based Roblox obby game, but that’s what you get here.

It distinguishes itself from other games since each of its procedurally generated levels is unique. The difficulty is increased by the fact that each level has a time limit before it collapses and a new level is generated.

It can be really annoying because if you fall off the level, you hit the ground at the bottom and have to start from scratch. But we enjoy a good challenge, and this game certainly provides one.

4. The Really Easy Obby

Whatever the game’s name might suggest, this Roblox obby is not as easy as it looks. There are 30+ levels of rainbow-themed obstacle courses that provide a slightly hypnotic visual experience as well as a reasonably challenging one in terms of hand-eye dexterity. The biggest reason we like this game however is those colours, they just look so cool!

5. Obstacle Paradise

This obby stands out because it offers a slightly different game mechanic from many others on Roblox. In essence, it is almost a DIY obby game, as one of the major objectives is to make it through each level to earn objects and elements that will allow you to assemble your own obstacle course.

The levels themselves are not that hard, and this is certainly a game better suited to beginners, but the chance to create your own levels is interesting, and may even inspire you to give Roblox game creation a shot yourself!

6. The Mimic

There are a lot of horror-themed Roblox obby games. And we mean a lot. So singling a few out for praise isn’t easy, as the basics – run away from a terribly bad thing of some kind – are consistent across most of them.

This means that for a horror obby to stand out it needs something pretty special, which in this case, for us anyway, are the graphics and the storylines.

Each level is based on a Japanese urban legend (you know, the kind that makes for great horror movies too) and while the mechanics are simple (run!) the scary stories and the gory monsters will keep us coming back to this game for a while.

7. Mega Fun Obby

This is one of the more conventional hobbies on the list, but its size is what really justifies its inclusion here. You can compete in over 2,700 stages, each of which presents a relatively decent challenge.

Naturally, we don’t advise attempting to conquer every stage in one go, or even several sessions, but if you’re up for a figuratively enormous challenge, this may be the Roblox obby game for you.

8. ESCAPE Little Crazy’s Tower!

This is another horror obby that stands out thanks to its premise and its graphics. You are a newly hired pizza delivery person, tasked with delivering some hot pizza goodness to a customer called Little Crazy.

Apparently, this is not a popular stop, not because the customer doesn’t tip – a horror in itself – but because they tend to make delivery folks disappear as fast as the pizza. Can you deliver their pizza and then still make it out of their castle alive? That’s the big challenge here, and it’s a fun one!

9. The Floor Is LAVA!🔥

This game’s title tells you what it’s all about. The floor is lava, and you’ll need to do whatever you can to avoid it while still making it to your destination.

This is not the most original Roblox obby, and it’s certainly not the hardest, but it is enjoyable and easy to pick up and put down, so instead of staring at the floor when you are waiting for the bus try avoiding lava on your phone instead, it’s a far better use of the time!

10. Sonic Speed Simulator

To include this game on the list might seem a bit unfair as, unlike most Roblox obby games on this list, which are made by great indie game developers and even just really keen Roblox fans, Sonic Speed Simulator is an official SEGA offering, with all the multi-billion dollar power of an iconic game developer behind it.

However, it is an obby game, it does offer something new along with a visit with some very familiar gaming icons, and well, it’s Sonic, and it’s fun, possibly more fun than some of the recent mainline Sonic game offerings, and deserves a place here, even if it’s right at the end!

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