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Future-Saving Indie Game Services with Our Agency

Indie Game Development

Nowadays, the world of gaming is constantly growing and expanding its zone through the limits of the imagination. Whether the game entails a story, a puzzle, cards, racing, or levelled game, it shows signs that launching many games will not stop any further. 

Often, the top games we see like Pokemon Unite, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Valorant, or League of Legends are handled, produced and developed by huge gaming development companies. 

Riot Games, Tencent, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Mihoyo, and Sony are just some of the popular game development companies. With them, the process of game development that they have been funded heavily and is expected to be a hit even before its release. 

But does that mean people not associated with game publishers do not deserve to develop a game independently? No, absolutely not!

Indie games comprise a considerable amount of game volume in the market. Even a simpleton can create and develop a game using their source of income. However, one should spend their budget on the game efficiently, or all will go to waste. 

How can they spend it efficiently? 

Simple, hire Pearl Lemon Games. 

We know that hiring a game development agency is costly. However, we assure you that your money will not go to waste with us. In fact, you can explore options here with your given budget.

Save the future of gaming and partner with us here at Pearl Lemon Games

We appreciate your bravery in fighting your game to be launched in the market.

If you want to get started on that experience, give us a call now.  

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Hiring An Indie Game Development Agency

The gaming industry is growing at a high-speed exponential rate. The indie game development alone mustered its games from independent game creators for a total of 95% on Steam alone. 

However, it generated 40% of total sales in the game marketplace. 

With this, the main disadvantage of indie games is their lack of marketing strategy and planning. Today’s age focuses heavily on how much profit you can gain from your projects.

As an indie game developer, you probably won’t have enough time, knowledge, or money to continue your game and promote it with a good market strategy.

That is why hiring a game development studio like Pearl Lemon Games will help you because we can aid you in being efficient at launching your game. 

Being an indie game developer doesn’t mean you must get everything done yourself. There are lots of developers like us who want to give you the best help that you can get. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we are confident to provide and present your ideal game and help you market it competitively. 

We want you to succeed in your goals and dreams.

So, let’s get going.

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Our Game Development Services

Now, you might be enticed to avail of our services but don’t have full knowledge of them. 

We’ve come prepared! 

Here are our recommended services that might just help you decide for the best.

Mobile Game Development

Starting your game development on smartphones is smart. This strategy has a particularly intriguing dynamic and is accessible to most gamers, especially on Android. Most of all, the mobile gaming market is snowballing more than ever.

The industry for mobile gaming is incredibly diverse, encompassing anything from 3D games with multi-billion dollar sales to charitable educational apps.

We are a leading mobile game creation company because of our expertise in the field and commitment to the customers we engage and develop games.

At Pearl Lemon Games, we will ensure you won’t stress yourself over minor details. With the aid of our team of mobile video game designers, programmers, and all gaming professionals, we guarantee to bring you the best version of your game idea possible.

Buildbox Game Development

One of the simplest and quickest game creation tools currently on the market is Buildbox. Since there is scarcely any coding required and the build package includes everything you need to develop a Buildbox game, even a dedicated amateur can now master it.

Our team, known to have competitive Buildbox game developers, uses this platform to its full potential when a game build is required. In this way, the client’s budget for game creation calls for a more economical build. 

We have collaborated with ardent individual gamers, influencers, small businesses, and others to help them make their video game creation ideas come to life.

A full-service seasoned Buildbox game development business like us can take on the challenges of making games with just about every feature a customer can think of. 

Our Buildbox developers have a lot of collective expertise and knowledge to design a game based on clients’ big ideas. We continuously draw on it to create a sizeable and varied portfolio of games of all types because Buildbox is such a versatile game production platform.

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We create casual games in various genres, such as card games, basic life simulators, puzzle games, and more, using Buildbox. A simple yet very engaging branded casual game is famous for individuals through gamification. Pearl Lemon Games is happy to help them as the leading Buildbox game development company.

Video Game Development

A great way to engage audiences with intellectual property is through video games. They are becoming increasingly popular across all age groups and interests.

For total SKU game production, there are many advantages to working with a reliable game development agency partner; this is because individual game creation is quite hazardous for inexperienced and amateur producers. By providing you with a complete, end-to-end video game creation solution, Pearl Lemon Games helps to lower that risk.

To ensure their product portfolio is in sync with critical release times, reputable video game publishers may need whole external development teams. Customers can entrust our highly qualified workers in the video game development industry with their concepts and intellectual property. Pearl Lemon Games is ready to complete any request or demand you have for the construction of video games.

Roblox Game Development

Pearl Lemon Games embodies innovation in the entrepreneurial thinking process. It creates fascinating and memorable Roblox games. The company’s staff of Roblox developers is adept at creating top-notch, constantly captivating, and maybe profitable Roblox games in any genre.

Like many gaming platforms, Roblox is perceived by the general public as a family-friendly, fun game. However, tech-savvy individuals are aware that it provides much more. 

The corporate community has already recognised Roblox’s potential as a powerful marketing platform. Pearl Lemon Games promises to help you develop the best Roblox game. 

Unity Game Development

Professional video game developers create games on a solid and feature-rich platform which Unity offers remarkably. Because Unity has everything, you won’t have to worry about its shortcomings. This platform enables artists to publicise, share, and use their work as inspiration for other producers.

Working with Pearl Lemon Games as your Unity game developer will enable you to launch your game in this competitive market before your rivals at a cost you can afford. 

Given how effectively Unity works for cross-platform game development, who knows how far your game may evolve and succeed in each of them?

If you want more information on our services, just click the link here.

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Gaming is For Everybody!

Pearl Lemon Games is a competitive studio suitable for developing a game based on the clients’ demographic, situation, demands, needs and other factors. We always want to take note of everything to make your game the best thing you have invested in us.

As we always said, “Gaming is for everybody!” And so, we live it up every day. As a supporter of indie game developers, we want to give you the best offer in developing the game to live up to the quote.

Book a call today with us.


An independent video game, or indie game, is developed independently from a major game publisher, usually by lone developers or small production teams. 

However, other circumstances where the production of the game has some degree of independence from a publisher, even if a publisher helps fund and market a game, such as creative freedom, may also fall within the definition of “indie.” 

Indie games frequently focus on innovation, experimental gameplay, taking chances, and may explore the medium to offer unique experiences in art games because of their independence and flexibility to grow. 

Due to the absence of publisher backing, independent games are often distributed through digital distribution platforms rather than at physical stores.

Being an indie game developer means taking so much of your time, money, effort and energy to develop a game. As a game development agency, we don’t want you to waste so much of that. Instead, hiring a studio provides you with a good deal and helps you become efficient in game development. 

Pearl Lemon Games truly gives you an unforgettable experience with the games that we develop. As an indie game developer, you might think hiring us might be costly, but it is not the case. You can hope that we put a reasonable and fair price on the services that you avail to us and get the best from our team of expert game developers.  Do you want to know more about our offers? Book a call with us.