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When it comes to some of the most widely played mobile games, one very popular gaming concept is war. For a long time, war games have been dominating the gaming industry because everyone wants to show off their skills and ultimately defeat their enemies.

These games aren’t just a show of virtual dominance; they help us build cognitive skills and develop strategy, reflexes, and talents.

If you’ve ever played a war game yourself, you must have thought of creating one of your own or the improvements the creators of the ones you’ve played can make to make the games more fun or challenging.

But why wait when you create a game right now?

Create your own wargame world with the help of our professional developers here at Pearl Lemon Games

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What Are Wargame Games? What Makes A Good One?

In a realistic simulation of an armed battle, two or more players command opposing armed forces in a wargame. Wargames can be played for fun, to teach military commanders strategic thinking skills, or to research the types of conflicts that can arise.

Numerous wargames are used to simulate actual historical conflicts. They can be used to simulate entire wars, single campaigns, battles, or lower-level actions. Although there are also wargames for naval and aerial combat, many of them simulate land combat.

War is terrible. Nobody wants to engage in or witness a battle.

So what is it that we find so captivating about donning a WWII soldier’s dirty combat boots, tightly gripping a space marine’s plasma gun, or leading your men on a treacherous expedition?

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Sense of Accomplishment

It is challenging to have higher self-esteem in today’s competitive society since there is always someone out there trying to outdo you. This issue frequently affects students and office workers because they lack a sense of accomplishment. Games, including war games, influence players’ personalities because they give them something to feel good about when they play well.

Playing with others and succeeding against them gives you superiority over others. The gamers have the impression that succeeding in the games inspires them to succeed in real life as well.

A Cocktail Of Hormones And Emotions

Aside from the fact that they challenge our capacity for logic, strategy, and planning, another reason we tend to enjoy army games is that they appeal to our most primal instincts.

According to an NPR article, sex and violence are two factors that are certain to enhance the attraction of a situation or story.

Douglas Gentile, a professor at Iowa State University, claims that playing shooters and war games causes a cocktail of stress hormones to be released into our bloodstream. These hormones are similar to those that would have been released had we been engaged in actual combat.

 War Games Development Agency
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 War Games Development Agency
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Triggers Strategic And Responsive Thinking

War games help you become more responsive to stimuli. They aid in your improvement as a performer in society. In war games, your goal is to defend yourself from attacks and outlast the other players. The players’ reflexes are improved while using strategic thinking to accomplish this. You can notice that the group of gamers among your pals is more responsive.

They are adept at making decisions because, in a war game where your life is on the line, you must act quickly. As a result, war games embed your mind and train it to make the appropriate choice when the time is right. Many people find it beneficial in their everyday lives because it not only makes them experts at war games but also better in everyday situations when they face significant obstacles.

Top War Games That Most Players Love

Call of Duty 2

When it was released in 2005, Call of Duty 2 added a spark of electricity to the World War II formula. The D-Day landings, for example, were reenacted in more detail, with more drama and a nerve-wracking sensation of vulnerability. It also appeared the finest the conflict had ever looked at the moment.

With four wars spread across three theatres, the war’s global scale was evident. Similar to the first Call of Duty, it followed British, American, and Russian troops. However, it also featured the first-ever north African campaign as the British soldiers battled through the desert, melting and dying while trying to hide from tanks.

 War Games Development Agency
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 War Games Development Agency
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World Of Warships

It simply makes sense that warships receive the same treatment as tanks, which already have their own planet. In terms of its advancement mechanics, World of Warships is similar to its tanky sibling, but the shift from war-torn towns to open ocean results in a totally different kind of gameplay. A fascinating battle of feints and dodges is created by the torpedoes and cannon barrages that travel for seconds before striking their target. Warship commanders must become accustomed to blasting from a distance and reading enemy shots because there is not much cover to rely on.

Clash Of Clans

The most realistic mobile war games don’t always have to reflect the grim details of actual conflict. They can occasionally take place in a fictional realm that is more humorous than others. As a clan manager in Clash of Clans, you are responsible for a village as effectively as possible by adding new structures, renovating old ones, and erecting defences to keep out intruders. You can create a variety of war forces that you can use to attack settlements controlled by actual players. More buildings can be built and upgraded the more your Town Hall is upgraded. The key to winning at Clash of Clans is strategy.

Pacific Fire

A cheap but surprisingly in-depth combined arms war game called Wirraway’s Pacific Fire immerses you in the Pacific theatre of World War 2. It’s your responsibility to use the ground, sea, and air assets you have at your disposal to the best of your ability to capture and secure your objectives. There are many scenarios available that depict both sides of the conflict.

 War Games Development Agency
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 War Games Development Agency

Your Best Wargame Games Development Agency

Delivering engagement and innovation in the regional video gaming industry, the Pearl Lemon Games team has been at the forefront of the rapidly growing gaming & esports market. The agency focuses on transparency and championing the community to create robust and fair game development.

With years of operational and executive experience in the gaming industry, PL Games have seen success in establishing multiple partnerships with some of the world’s biggest gaming brands.

Jumpstart your wargame games development and reach us today!

 War Games Development Agency
 War Games Development Agency


One benefit of outsourcing is having immediate access to subject matter specialists who don’t require further training. They’re aware of what to do already. Additionally, you will avoid the tiresome hiring procedure. A gaming studio that outsources will bring value to the project thanks to its expertise in the industry.

Aside from game development services, we can assist you in launching and promoting your game. Working with us will ensure the overall success of your game.

The time it takes to create a video game is never predictable. Be prepared for disappointment if you were looking for a clear-cut “it takes six weeks” type of response to the query.

Some video games can be made in under 30 minutes. Some people took fifteen years.

The development times of AAA (Triple A), mobile, and indie games can be influenced by various factors, including development costs, your choice of the game engine, and even the game’s art style.