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RPG is a vast genre encompassing a wide range of games and sub-genres. It has changed dramatically in recent years. From pen and paper to tabletops, desktop to mobile, the genre has changed dramatically over the years. 

There is a wide range of RPGs available, but you can use several features from popular and modern RPGs to keep players interested in your game. When targeting player bases and trying to make a successful game–hiring an outside professional game development agency is a must.


We at Pearl Lemon Games will design your RPG games using a variety of verticals, such as artificial intelligence, audio effects, 3D graphics, animations, and various other components that give online games a sophisticated appearance. 

If you already have a game idea, we can turn it into a unique project that meets your requirements. 

Contact us today.

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Action RPG Games: What's the Fuss?

But first, what is RPG?

RPG is an abbreviation for a roleplaying game, a game genre in which players act as characters in a fictional setting. Players are expected to act as their characters and play as such, carrying their character development through their roles. 

Character development is frequently in sync with the progression of the story. Overall, an RPG involves actively participating in storytelling. RPGs in video games began very similarly to paper-and-pen games, but the dice were replaced by automated rolls performed behind the screen. Combat was handled through interactive menus and could occur in turn-based or real-time mode.

Why People Love Playing RPGS So Much!

Roleplaying games are timeless; they have existed since dawn and were popular long before computers. 

But why are they so popular? What distinguishes them from all the other fantastic video game genres? The various styles of play allow you to be yourself. 

Here are the top reasons why RPGs might be the best.

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Interesting Quests And Adventures

Side quests are a distinct feature of roleplaying games and are essential to the genre. They take an already large and exciting base game and expand it even further. Side quests expand the game’s size and length and fill the surrounding universe with incredible lore, leading to deeper immersion for players.

Side quests can sometimes help the player understand the main quest better. At the very least, they contribute to the development of the background stage for the rest of the game. The characters for whom you complete side quests will likely be important later on.

Furthermore, side quests do not overstay their welcome; their short length ensures that every second is worth a player’s time and is, without a doubt, quality entertainment.

Rpgs Tell Us Amazing Stories

An RPG isn’t an RPG unless it has a compelling story that draws us in and entices us to keep playing. Some tell grand tales of saving the world from evil, while others are more personal and tell of a group of friends’ journey. In any case, RPG makes us feel like we are part of the story. All the unexpected twists and turns that can occur and how they affect the game keep us on the edge of our seats. 

We believe we have a say in how the plot unfolds, so we work hard to ensure we meet the objectives. This is especially true in RPGs with multiple endings, which means our choices are even more important in the end game, which excites us.

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It Feeds Our Social Needs And Skills

According to psychology, sociology, and anthropology, people are naturally social creatures. That is, we have a biological need to interact with others. Numerous social media applications are available but do not actively engage your group in doing anything together. That’s where RPGs, particularly MMOs, come in. You can hang out and do activities with your friends without physically being present.

Pearl Lemon Games As Your Action RPG Games Development Agency

With over 2,000 game developers in the UK today, you might ask–why should I create my game with you? 

Pearl Lemon Games is a major game development agency specialising in creating RPG games for various platforms by utilising accessible game engines, multiplayer game support servers, and other similar tools. 

If you want to build a Role Play Game right away, our end-to-end development services are just right for you. We will be delighted to assist you at any time and to obtain your ideal game platform. For now, here are more reasons why you should work with us:

Skilled Team

Our team of artists, 3D modellers, and animators are experts at using industry-standard tools in the mobile game industry. Our team is skilled at modelling and animating characters in Maya and Blender, creating classic 2D concept art in Adobe Illustrator, and creating UI/UX designs with Autodesk technologies.

We are eager to put our skills to use for you, and you can be confident that the project will be a success because we have years of combined experience working on high-quality animated features and mobile gaming projects for our clients.

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Promotional Support

Pearl Lemon Games’ development teams are entirely focused on game production. Still, as a top game development company, we know that even the most amazing RPGs can’t exist in a vacuum. 

However, we do possess a well-kept secret. We have access to some of the industry’s top digital marketing, SEO, social media, and public relations experts. We can enlist their services to help ensure that your mobile game receives the attention it deserves. We are a part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group, a group of UK-based but globally operating companies.

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Ensure The Success Of Your Rpg Game With Us

As a game development company, we assume full responsibility for making a customised product that aligns with your needs and budget. From game design to post-release support, we will oversee every phase of your project.

Our team can scale your game development team and add more resources to increase your game production capabilities.

Ready to bring your video game concepts to life? 

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to discuss how choosing us as your RPG games development company will help you realise your ideas.


Depending on the developer’s skill, you should budget anywhere from £20 to £75 per hour for an outsourced project.

The size of the production team, the game’s scope, aesthetics, and engine all factor towards this. However, on average, most AAA RPGs take roughly three years to develop, and they might take a little longer if they’re also MMO games.

Yes, cross-platform games are created using full-cycle development, in which the program is created for numerous platforms at once and released on a number of them.