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According to a recent study, tower defence will generate $2.33 billion in revenue by 2030. With that number of growth, then you surely must be on the lookout for ways to develop your own tower defence game.

With Pearl Lemon Games, your tower defence games can easily be designed and built by our experienced game developers while keeping the gamer’s experience at the forefront.

Our agency’s tower defence game development teams have experience with all major platforms, including mobile, browser, Builbox, Roblox, Unity, and many more.

Aside from that, our specialised game development studio uses a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Our agency aims to provide our clients with easy-to-play games that run as fast as possible and are easy to use.

We can build your video game in less than 12 weeks!

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Pearl Lemon Games Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

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We Are The Tower Defence Games Development Agency That Exceeds Expectations

Pearl Lemon Games is a full-cycle tower defence game development agency that can turn your game concept into a real-life game. You can rely on our team of dedicated developers and designers to meet all your game needs.

Before game development, you need to evaluate your game idea and its requirements. You need to check for similar games in the market, their success rate, and their features & narrow down on the target audience for it.

It is necessary to conduct a thorough and sincere feasibility analysis of the game idea to determine its practicality and profitability.

After evaluating the game idea, we finalise the budget, audience, genre, platform, technology, characters, plot, game mechanics, and other details before moving on to the actual game development.

Contact Pearl Lemon Games if you would like to learn more about the development process.

And if you’re looking for gaming tips and tricks, look no further than our blog. It is packed with only the latest information on everything from game design and development to marketing your games.

Tower defence games development agency
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Tower defence games development agency
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Our Tower Defence Game Development Services

We are a tower defence games development agency capable of serving many needs. 

Our team has extensive knowledge of the various technologies dominating the current market.

We have a staff of professional artists, 3D modellers, and animators who utilise industry-standard tools for developing awesome games.

Furthermore, we offer our clients the opportunity to access talented copywriters, storyboarders, graphic artists, and even audio composers who can ensure that the games we create are engaging, on-brand, and unique.

We can provide you with all the services you need to succeed in the gaming business.

Here are a few of our services:

Roblox Game Development

Pearl Lemon Games can help create amazing Roblox games irrespective of the category. 

We have designed games for content creators and marketers. We also train the next generation of tower defence game developers to make unique games with a multiplayer interface.

Waves of enemy attacks, towers, damage, rewards, tokens, and badges generally feature in a popular strategy game.

Tower defence games development agency
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Tower defence games development agency
Get Unbanned From Roblox

Buildbox Game Development

For clients with budget constraints, we provide a seamless gaming experience on Buildox, a versatile game creation platform.

We have created Buildbox games for numerous individual gamers, influencers and small businesses.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile gaming is one of the most successful and lucrative app development areas. 

With over a decade of experience in mobile game technologies, our team is well-versed in the various technologies dominating the market today.

Video Game Development

We utilise cutting-edge technology and tools in our specialised game development studios.

We have vast experience creating video games across all genres and platforms, including mobile, desktop, web, and consoles.

Look at all our services, and feel free to try our games!

Tower defence games development agency
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Tower defence games development agency

Reach The Widest Audience Possible With Pearl Lemon Games

As a full-service video game development agency, Pearl Lemon Games is always on the cutting edge to create thrilling games for gaming enthusiasts.

With our award-winning and highly experienced teams of game developers, we can respond with the expertise, agility, and speed necessary to achieve success as our clients’ requirements continue to change.

Our specialised game development studios’ advanced tools and technologies are of the highest quality.

As part of the larger Pearl Lemon Group, we can offer a wide range of marketing and promotion services. Our full-service marketing team can help promote the game effectively.

As a result, your finished games will be able to reach a wide audience and be successful!

What are you waiting for? Let’s together launch your game and make it happen!

Tower defence games development agency
Tower defence games development agency


Atari games created the first tower defence game in 1990, called Rampart. As a result of Rampart’s success, tower defence became a mainstream genre in the following decade.

The flexibility and customisation of tower defence games make them extremely addictive. They offer various strategies, customisable as per the players’ wish. Hence, no two games feel the same, and they mostly provide a unique experience.

We have compiled a list of the best free tower defence games for your PC;

  • Clash Royale
  • Arknights
  • Bloons TD Battles
  • Kingdom Rush
  • The Battle Cats
  • Toy Defense Fantasy
  • Grow Tower