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Steam Development Agency

Steam Development Agency

While Steam isn’t a gaming development utility, or a platform dedicated to a single development methodology, for anyone with a game idea who wants to reach the extensive and ever-growing PC gaming community, being seen, and sold, on Steam is increasingly a must. It’s also challenging, to say the least, for any indie game developer to get their game noticed among the many offerings on the platform for users to choose from.

Overcoming those obstacles is where Pearl Lemon Games, as Steam development agency, can help you. Whether you have a finished game ready to hit the market, a PC game idea you still need help with, have a property you want to port as a PC game from another format – most commonly mobile – to sell via Steam, or have a different Steam challenge to meet, Pearl Lemon Games can help.

Understanding the Power of Steam

If you have developed a PC game, or have an idea for one you need additional game development help to realise, you do not have to distribute it via Steam. Some of the biggest PC game publishers and games ARE NOT on Steam – League of Legends springs to mind first – but for most independent PC game developers and publishers, a presence on Steam is practically a must.

For anyone less familiar with the gargantuan platform, Steam was introduced in 2003 for Valve’s exclusive video games, and it was made available to outside publishers in 2005. Since then, the platform has grown steadily, finally achieving the dominant position we are all familiar with. 95 million people used Steam on a monthly basis in 2019. During the COVID-19 crisis, a record number of concurrent gamers were registered, significantly increasing those figures.

The latest figures released by Valve state that the platform boasts 120 million monthly active users, with many more occasional visitors cherry-picking their offerings for specific games.

After numerous stops and starts, Valve are also currently making inroads in the console market via the newly launched Steam Deck, which offers independent game developers and publishers a way to reach that demographic too, especially as the initial reviews for the Steam Deck have been overwhelmingly positive.

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What’s the Steam Deck? The Steam Deck is a portable gaming system that combines elements of the Nintendo Switch and a gaming PC. While it resembles a console in appearance, it is as open as a PC, allowing users to connect it to a monitor or TV, attach controllers or a mouse and keyboard, and, if they like, install Windows over its Linux core.

Thanks to a compatibility solution called Proton, the new edition of SteamOS, Valve’s Linux-based operating system, will be able to play games created for Windows without any issues.

Additionally, the machine supports some swanky new AMD graphics technologies like FidelityFX Super Resolution upscaling. PC gamers are clamoring to get their hands on it, and for game publishers it is likely to make a good Steam presence an even bigger key to their overall success.

Steam Game Development Services From Pearl Lemon Games

If you have an idea for a PC game, but lack the full team to take that idea from concept to fully fledged game, then the team at Pearl Lemon Games are the ideal people to turn to make that happen. Our team have decades of collective PC game development experience across all gaming genres, and special experience in ensuring that the games they work on appeal to PC gamers and run in the way they expect them too.

Our Steam development specialists also have special knowledge and expertise when it comes to porting games from other formats to the PC gaming/Steam space. An increasing number of indie publishers who already have a presence in the mobile gaming space are looking to tap the large PC gaming market too, and we can help you, and your game, make that transition as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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Steam Set Up and Promotion With Pearl Lemon Games

There are a LOT of games being sold and distributed on Steam, and getting noticed by players looking for their next gaming fix is increasingly difficult for smaller indie game publishers. In fact, even getting your game published and sold on Steam proves challenging for many.

The Challenges of Getting a Game on Steam

In itself, provided your game meets technical requirements, publishing your game to the Steam Marketplace is not a difficult task. However, getting that game noticed means undertaking a successful marketing campaign, and one that begins, or should begin, before your game is even offered for sale.  

Pearl Lemon Games’ team has long experience in placing games on Steam, and, as a part of the Pearl Lemon Group, we also have access to the many talents of one of the leading digital marketing agencies operating in the UK, and beyond, today.

While you might be a great game developer and have a great game that you feel will appeal to many of those who head to Steam looking for just that, without a good marketing plan even the best game will fail, ending up in the Steam bargain bin, or, worse still, never downloaded at all.

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From setting up the engaging game store page on Steam, to producing the game trailer that, while no longer a requirement for Steam game publication, is something lots of Steam gamers want to see before they make a purchasing decision, to reaching out to gamers and gaming communities via social media, forums and podcasts, marketing a Steam game successfully is something that even some experienced digital marketing firms struggle with.

At Pearl Lemon Games we have advantages that they don’t though. Our expert marketers and social media gurus work hand-in -hand with our game developers, sharing their unique knowledge and experience with each other to promote our client’s Steam games to the best possible effect.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Games?

Technical Knowledge and Creativity in Game Development

A truly stellar group of expert Steam game developers work for Pearl Lemon Games. As some of them have been creating Steam games since they were young, their technical coding skills are outstanding, but what really sets them apart is their creativity and eagerness to involve customers in every stage of Steam game production.

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Any game must be engrossing in order to stand out among the hundreds of games available to Steam users. It must provide repeat play value in order to convert a casual player into a devoted, daily gamer. Additionally, the branding and advertising must be prominent without being overbearing in order to fully utilize the marketing potential that such games can provide. Which necessitates a great deal of creativity and innovation, both of which our Steam game creators thankfully possess in plenty.

Pearl Lemon Games will spend time getting to know your business, your brand voice, and what you intend to gain from releasing a steam game before beginning work as your game production firm. After that, we’ll give you a ton of suggestions for the game’s concept, plot, aesthetic, and more. However, we’ll also be happy to hear your suggestions and incorporate them to make the game as good as it can be.

We Provide the Appropriate Supporting Cast

A really compelling gaming experience requires more than just excellent coding and design. The game’s narrative and dialogue should be unique and compelling, which is why we collaborate with some of the top copywriters in the industry to create your game’s screenplay.

The beginning of the game is also true for enterprises. You’ll need to promote it both inside and outside of the Steam platform.

Our Steam development agency can access the vast pool of marketing talent available to us as a member of the broader Pearl Lemon Group, ensuring that your game receives the publicity it deserves.

We can provide a highly effective “one-stop” service to not only create the best Steam game for your organisation, but also to ensure that it receives the attention it deserves. This service ranges from landing pages and YouTube and Twitch channels to more traditional press releases, social media marketing, and other PR strategies. Our marketing strategists will work with you to incorporate Steam marketing into your current marketing strategies, verify that it accurately represents your brand, and demonstrate how to make the most of your investment in Steam development.

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A Continued Commitment to Our Steam Development Agency Clients

At Pearl Lemon Games, we do more than just create and distribute games. You will have continuing access to our professional teams, ensuring that your game is always current, that your Steam game promotion is as successful as possible, and that you can benefit from any new platform enhancements as they happen.

Are you interested in finding out more about what we do as a Steam development agency and how partnering with us could help your company succeed? Reach out to us now to start that conversation.

Steam Development Agency FAQs

With 120 million monthly active users and millions more occasional visitors, Steam offers a vast audience for game developers and publishers. Despite some big publishers choosing not to distribute through Steam, for independent PC game developers, having a presence on the platform is practically essential for reaching a wider audience and ensuring the game’s success.

The Steam Deck is a portable gaming system that combines elements of the Nintendo Switch and a gaming PC. It offers independent game developers and publishers a way to reach a broader demographic. With positive initial reviews and high demand, the Steam Deck is likely to make a good Steam presence even more important for game publishers’ success.

Pearl Lemon Games assists in taking a PC game from concept to reality. They have extensive PC game development experience across various gaming genres. Their team is also skilled in porting games from other formats to the PC gaming/Steam space.

Pearl Lemon Games not only assists in setting up an engaging game store page on Steam and producing game trailers but also helps in reaching out to gamers and gaming communities through social media, forums, and podcasts. They aim to overcome the challenge of getting a game noticed on Steam amidst numerous other offerings.

Apart from their technical knowledge and creativity in game development, Pearl Lemon Games involves customers in every stage of Steam game production. They also offer a range of services, from creating unique and compelling game narratives to promoting the game both inside and outside of the Steam platform, ensuring that the game gets the attention it deserves.