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Despite not garnering as much attention as games like Grand Theft Auto or God of War, the survival genre is one of the most well-known video games. Survival games have devoted gamers committed to creating their own distinctive worlds. They are motivated by complex difficulties, great content, and the pure delight of building towns, communities, and even entire cities from an axe and a campfire. 

Because of its popularity, many people are eager to develop new survival games. Developing one, however, is very difficult. It would take a team of highly skilled developers, programmers, designers, and modelling artists to create one, not to mention the cost of hiring these people too. 

Why not outsource to a reputable game development company like Pearl Lemon Games? 

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Best And Popular Survival Games

It’s easy to see why survival games have such a strong allure. Since the struggle to survive is ingrained in our DNA, it makes sense that we would find enjoyment in simulating it in video games. If you’re planning to develop a survival game, you must ensure that your game will test players to their limits by posing complex issues and demanding that they develop innovative solutions. 

Here are some of the top survival games to inspire you.

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Although building Middle-Earth and other artistic endeavours make Minecraft most famous, a survival game is also included, complete with deadly nights and Creepers just waiting to destroy all you’ve worked so hard to build. You are accompanied by hunger, thirst, and death as you delve beneath the surface and discover endless procedural worlds filled with dungeons and monsters.

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you survive, thanks to a fantastic crafting system. Build expansive mines and automated systems to become a major industrial player, or live simply by raising livestock and cultivating crops.

You can create your own survival game with all the mods and game modes, or you can concentrate on something else, like creating a flying pirate ship with your friends. A hardcore survival option deletes the entire globe when you die if you want an even greater challenge. Not for those with weak hearts.

The Forest

The Forest lets you explore the area before swarming you with monsters, like virtually every other horror-survival game. What it does differently, though, challenges your assumptions about how these cannibalistic creatures will respond to your behaviour. 

The cannibals of The Forest are not suicidally violent, which makes them so unnerving compared to many other video game foes. They’ll approach you quickly, pause just beyond your line of sight, and inspect you before running away, never to be seen again.

Aside from having excellent AI, The Forest also has a sizable island to explore. It is teeming with animals to skin and eat, berries and flowers to gather, and of course, an almost infinite supply of trees to fell to build bases with the kind of freedom that is only rivalled by the game that comes after it on our list. 

The Forest is an absolute must-play for any survival enthusiast, offering a fully interlocking cave system to explore, a ton of collectables, and a compelling story with an insane twist ending.

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You and up to nine other Vikings must construct shelter, scrounge for food, and gradually increase your strength before venturing out in pursuit of glorious battle after being abandoned in the Norse wilderness with nothing but a loincloth and your wits. The meadows where your journey starts are pretty secure, but the randomly created wilds have various biomes with increasing difficulty levels.

Each of Valheim’s biomes has a spectacular boss that, once you find it, summon it, and conquer it, you may use to advance to the next region by unlocking resources and abilities. Build a solid home base since you’ll also invite progressively powerful raids, and don’t forget the chimney, or you’ll die from smoke inhalation before that giant blue troll does.

Benefits Of Outsourcing To A Survival Games Development Agency

While you can hire an in-house or do it yourself, reaching out to a reputable game development company can give you several advantages. Here are some:


Companies that outsource game art, like Pearl Lemon Games, have experts in the sector who are intimately familiar with the procedures. They will meet their deadlines, which will speed up the entire procedure. You will also have time to concentrate on developing other aspects of your business during this period.

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The overall quality of your mobile or video game, from the looks to the gameplay, will determine whether or not your users continue with it. You need specialists who can work together to prototype and extensively test your game to ensure it is ready to be deployed and primed for your target audience.

A strong game development team like what we have here at Pearl Lemon Games can spot issues before they become bugs or aesthetic inconsistencies. 


Flexibility is a benefit of working with a game outsourcing studio. Creating a video game takes a lot of work, and deadlines frequently change. You either scale back or stop all assistance after the initial deadline has passed. You can benefit from the flexibility that a game studio provides you based on your needs.

Expand Your Ideas

Keeping your projects internal to your company could prevent you from getting the necessary exposure. On the other hand, gaining feedback from a third party could elevate your already-creative game ideas. 

Reduce Rates

Outsourcing your game development can save you thousands of dollars, not just a hundred. You don’t have to pay the whole sum necessary to retain your team of game development experts if you outsource. Also included are the tools they require. All of this work, as well as more, will be done for you by your outsourcing partner. In essence, you are getting a minimally expensive result that is at least as good as what you would have gotten if you had hired internally.

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Outsource Your Game Development With Pearl Lemon Games

There is growing interest in outsourcing games among publishers and game developers who wish to create a name in the gaming industry. For such a project, qualified advisors, marketers, and developers must act as a bridge to game production. You might find that bridge in Pearl Lemon Games, which can also give you all the knowledge you need to develop your idea.

Pearl Lemon Games can be on your side and prepared to offer top-notch services for game creation, character modelling, and more. It all boils down to picking a reliable games development business to deal with in the end!

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A firm typically invests up to $250 million in creating a single game. However, the amount can vary depending on the game requirements. 

Absolutely! Aside from game development, we can assist you in your app promotion. Consult with us to learn more about this.

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