Video Game Design and Development Studio

Video Game Design and Development Studio

Pearl Lemon Games, one of the top new video game design and development studios in the business, offers complete solutions to assist you in designing, developing, and marketing your video game from beginning to end.

Some of the most dedicated and innovative video game designers in the business make up our team, and they are adept at leveraging video game technologies like Unity, Unreal Engine, BuildBox, HTML5 and many other game development softwares and development tools to make high-quality, captivating 2D and 3D cross-platform games.

We are also one of the few video game design and development studios currently making  a concerted push to bring indie games to the growing VR space, allowing our clients to establish a strong presence in this growing video game niche ahead of the bigger game studios.

Whether you have a video game in the development process already and need some additional talent to help you finish it, have an existing game you would like ported to a new platform or simply have a great game idea but no idea how to make it a reality, Pearl Lemon Games can help.

8 Essential Roles in Video Game Development

A game development team might include dozens of role-players or only one person, depending on the size and scope of the game. The following are the most common roles needed in the game development process, all of which can be filled by members of Pearl Lemon Game’s game development teams and/or specialists from other Pearl Lemon group companies:

  1. Concept artist: During the early phases of development, a video game concept artist creates sketches of the video game’s basic aesthetic and tone in order to provide the art department with a visual representation of the concept.

Often, in our work as a video game design and development studio we find that those who come to us with game ideas already have many of these sketches and storyboards of their own. Our concept artists team are happy to work with those, refining them as needed and then ensuring that their creator stays in the loop throughout the remainder of the video game development process.

  1. Producer: A video game producer is in charge of the commercial and marketing aspects of game creation, as well as budget administration. At Pearl Lemon Games we often provide our clients with a production team rather than a single person to help ensure that every aspect of game development, production, distribution and marketing is as efficient as possible.
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  1. Project manager: A project manager supervises all phases of development, makes sure that deadlines are met, acts as a point of contact between the decision makers and the design team, and foresees any risks or potential issues that might arise.
  2. Video game programmers: Video game programmers write the game’s code, create the game engine, and create playable prototypes and finished products for distribution. They establish the essential algorithms that ensure the game runs properly while also implementing the game mechanics, designing the user interface, and adding music and images.
  3. Video game designer: Video game designers create the plot, characters, dialogue, and all the game’s rules. The type of challenges the player will face as well as the level of gameplay difficulty are both decided by the designers.
  4. Game artists: The style and feel of the in-game assets are created by video game animators, 3D artists, and FX artists. The creation of all the sounds heard in-game, from the opening theme to the menu sound effects, is the responsibility of sound designers and audio engineers, who are also crucial to the process.
  1. Level designer: A level designer develops the video game’s stages and objectives. To build a plausible setting, define the game’s parameters, and maintain a look that is in line with the game’s goals, level designers look to the concept art and the game design document (GDD). The physical boundaries of the environment are established during level design.
  2. Quality assurance (QA): The quality assurance team evaluates a game as it is being developed. Pearl Lemon Game’s video game testers, often known as quality assurance testers, may replay a game hundreds of times while thoroughly documenting any flaws or crashes they see. Testing for quality control makes sure that players won’t run into any bugs or problems that could ruin their gaming experience, and the reputation of the game itself.

These are just some of the key players that you might need to help you bring your video game to life and get into the hands of your target gaming audience. Working with our sister companies from the Pearl Lemon Group, we can also provide you with video game marketing and video game publicity services, as well as the accounting support you might need once your video games begin to generate revenue. You can contact us today to learn more or visit

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Which Video Game Development Path is Right For You

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Full Cycle Video Game Development

As a full service video game design and development studio, we will lead your project through every stage of its journey, from basic ideation, through game design and development, game approvals and distribution and complete post release support. In short, you bring us your video game ideas, we will make them a reality.

Video Game Co-Development Services

Supercharge your video game development opportunities and expand your game development team with the addition of our expert and enthusiastic senior game designers, game producers, 2D and 3D artists, voice talent, scriptwriters and more. We can help as much as you like, whenever you like.

Video Game Porting Services

Some of the highest grossing, constantly evolving gaming experiences making waves right now are those offered across a wider array of gaming platforms. Not only does this reach new audiences, but also often enhances engagement with existing players, as offering them different ways to play depending on their location, preference and even current mood will cement their connection even further.

Whether it’s a PC game you want to port to mobile, or a game you think can shine in VR as well as on desktops, or you want to make the big move from PC to the big consoles we can help.

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Who We Are

Pearl Lemon Games is a video game design and development studio made up of some of the best dedicated and skilled game developers on the planet. But primarily we are gamers. All of us were raised on video games, and most team members began creating their own video games as kids.

Our passion for great games runs through everything we do, as does our love of breaking video game boundaries, trying out new ideas and learning new ways to develop the best possible games, and providing amazing gaming experiences to gamers everywhere. When you bring your video game development ideas to us, you’ll find we are every bit as enthusiastic and excited as you are.

Ready to discuss how we, as your video game design and development studio, can help bring your gaming ideas to life? Contact us today and let’s get that conversation started.

Game Design and Development FAQs

At Pearl Lemon Games, game development typically goes through the following stages: initial concept and design, pre-production, production, testing and quality assurance, and finally, launch and post-launch support. Each stage involves different tasks and teams, ensuring a comprehensive approach to create the best possible gaming experience.

Absolutely. Pearl Lemon Games has an in-house team of artists, designers, and programmers who collaborate to create games that are not only visually stunning, but also feature engaging and balanced gameplay mechanics.

Yes, at Pearl Lemon Games, player satisfaction is a top priority. Our design approach is focused on creating a user-friendly and engaging experience that will resonate with players. We also value player feedback and use it to further refine our games.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Games offers localization services. Localization involves more than just translation, it also includes adapting content to suit different cultures, norms, and regulations of different regions. This helps ensure that your game can reach and resonate with a global audience.

Yes, Pearl Lemon Games has the capability and expertise to develop games for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) platforms. Our team is experienced in creating immersive and interactive experiences that fully utilize the unique capabilities of these technologies.

At Pearl Lemon Games, we understand that every game is unique, and therefore requires a tailored approach to monetization. We consider various strategies such as in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, and premium versions to create a monetization model that fits the game and its target audience.