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Creative Platformers with Our Platformer Games Development Agency

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Platformer games are a well-known video game style involving characters jumping onto and off platforms or navigating obstacles. Super Mario Bros. is among the best examples of all time. You can create fun platformer games with the help of Pearl Lemon Games!

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What's The Big Deal About Platformer Games?

One of the oldest video game genres, platform games, was created in the early 1980s. The name “platform game” or “platformer” wasn’t used to refer to the games until a few years later.

In a platform game, the player controls a character through platforms to attain a goal while stumbling across adversaries and dodging obstacles. These games are either side-on, with two-dimensional movement, or three-dimensional, with the camera either behind the main character or in an isometric view. Platforming games typically have dynamic gameplay that tests a player’s timing, reflexes, and control dexterity.

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In this genre, walking, running, jumping, attacking, and climbing are the most prevalent movement possibilities. The genre’s main component is jumping, but some exceptions include Nintendo’s Popeye (1982). While in some games, a jump’s trajectory is set, in others, it can be changed while still in the air. 

Damage or death frequently results from falling from a great height. Through the various areas of the game world, players can collect items and power-ups that can be useful in various situations and give the main character new abilities for overcoming obstacles. Many platform games contain environmental obstacles that kill the player character upon contacts, such as lava pits or bottomless chasms.

Some Types Of Platformer Games

Here are some fundamental platform types you’ll run into when playing or making games. Note that this is only a small sample of all the available platforms. You can combine and match these to create more intriguing and challenging challenges.

Standard Platform

The foundation of the entire game is the common platform. Depending on the game you’re playing, there are several versions, but the most prevalent one is that characters can only stand on the top and not jump to the bottom. If the character is large enough, the default platform in Super Mario Bros. can occasionally be broken.

Platformer Games Development Agency
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Platformer Games Development Agency
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Slippery/High Resistance Platform

The player’s difficulty can be changed by adding material to various platforms. A surface covered in ice is slick, and the character slides across without resistance. These platforms may also be covered in metal or oil or anything else that suggests low friction. The character will move more slowly or have less jumping power, a key control in platform games on another material-based platform. High grass, molasses, or any other bizarre mixture that may increase friction or stickiness may be to blame for this.

Side and Vertical Scrolling Platform

Platform games with side and vertical scrolling can be distinguished by their background and game screen that scrolls when the player approaches one edge of the game screen. There are usually numerous levels in many of these scrolling platform games. Until the level is finished, players will move across the screen, gathering objects, eliminating monsters, and accomplishing various tasks.

Once finished, they will proceed to the following level, which is usually harder. Many of these platform games also feature boss fights style=”font-weight: 400;”> at the end of each level, which must be won to move on to the next screen or level. 

Classic games like Pitfall, Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, and Super Mario Bros. are just a few instances of these scrolling platform games!

Platformer Games Development Agency
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Platformer Games Development Agency
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Conveyer Belt Platform

Changing platform behaviour puts the player in an interesting and challenging position. The experience is improved by introducing new variables because the player relies on predictable character control. The character is automatically moved in one direction or another, usually toward something dangerous. For years, people have utilised these venues to “set off” overconfident gamers.

Why Pearl Lemon Games?

Pearl Lemon Games can help turn your gaming concept into reality. Working with us gives you access but is not limited to the following:

Platformer Games Development Agency
Platformer Games Development Agency

Promotional Support

Even though Pearl Lemon Games’ development teams are solely focused on game development, we know that even the most amazing platformer games can’t exist in a vacuum.

But we do have a secret weapon. Thanks to our affiliation with the larger Pearl Lemon Group, a collection of UK-based but internationally active businesses, we have access to some of the top digital marketing, SEO, social media, and public relations experts in the industry. By utilising their skills, we can ensure that your game receives the attention it deserves.

Cross-Platform Games

Cross-platform Android and iOS development is a specialty of our team of qualified software engineers. This guarantees that your product will work with all mobile platforms and that the mobile gaming industry will be allowed to use your original ideas.

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Custom Game Design

Making our customers’ ideas a reality is something we at Pearl Lemon Games believe in. Since your product must adhere to all specifications, our game development team offers custom design from concept to source code.

2D & 3D Asset Production

What other factors, besides simple game mechanics, determine a project’s success? Stunning visuals. Our development services include the creation of 2D and 3D assets, as well as fluid animation and eye-catching visual effects, guaranteeing that your game will appear just as you have imagined.

We Utilise The Best Game Engine

Our internal team has a lot of experience using a variety of significant game development platforms, like the Unreal Engine. As a result, we can produce games with a wide range of resources that are up to industry standards, which enables us to produce projects of a high calibre.

Don't Overlook The Help Of Platformer Games Development Agency

While you can always develop one yourself, seeking help from a professional game development agency like Pearl Lemon Games will exceed your gaming expectations!

Are you ready to bring your gaming concepts to life? Get in touch with us immediately, and we’ll be happy to discuss how selecting Pearl Lemon Games as your company for developing platformer games would help you realise your ideas.

Platformer Games Development Agency
Platformer Games Development Agency


The majority of platform game engines, however, are not platform-specific. One of the most widely utilised game engines available today and one that’s used to create a variety of games is Unity.

Say that you’re from the US. The average wage in the US for game developers would be around \$100,000 per year. Additionally, workstation expenditures per person are $1,500, and office space rent is $30,000 per year. It would total roughly $900,000 a year. By outsourcing your gaming, you can reduce costs by up to 25%–30%!

Depending on the difficulty level, the platform used, the skill level, and the number of players. Without knowing those specifics, we would guess a few hours to a few years.