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VR Game Development Agency

VR Game Development Agency

It took a while for virtual reality gaming to gain mass appeal, and lots of stops and starts in both the hardware and software spaces, but VR – and VR gaming in particular – got an unexpected boost as a result of the pandemic lockdowns.

Players who had previously ignored VR discovered that via virtual reality headsets not only could they play traditional games, but they could also get an effective gym workout, go climbing, explore some of the most beautiful places in the world and much more, all without ever leaving home.

As a leading VR game development agency, Pearl Lemon Games is committed to helping both established game studios and would-be game publishers take advantage of everything that this rapidly expanding sector of gaming has to offer.

Right now is a great time for smaller, independent game publishers to get into VR game development. The big game publishers have been slow to move into the space

VR Gaming - The Future of Gaming Now

As a full service VR development agency Pearl Lemon Games can take on, and deliver on, the development of an increasing number of virtual reality apps and softwares, but VR gaming is where we started our virtual reality development journey, and it remains our passion.

Using the most innovative advancements to draw in and retain gamers from all over the world has always been the foundation of the digital game production ecosystem. And game developers have always known that the prominence of video games as one of the main forms of entertainment could be increased by making them more immersive and interactive. Decades of advancement and innovation have now led us to VR gaming.

The increase in the need for VR game creation has benefited from enormous global marketplaces that are growing all the time. The use of VR gadgets like the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Quest VR, and HTC Vive has grown in popularity along with virtual reality technology.

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The virtual reality systems provided hand controllers, tracking, and sensory technology, which made gaming highly engaging and reciprocal. Experts predict that the virtual reality gaming market will increase at a 25 to 27 percent annual rate, given VR’s exponential development rate. By 2025, the revenue may exceed $45 billion if everything progresses as expected.

And this is without the major video game hardware players having a consistent market presence in VR yet! However, this is about to change with the launch of a vastly improved Sony PSVR designed for the PS5, a number of VR headsets Microsoft and Nintendo are working on and a highly anticipated entrance into the VR world by Apple, which will bring the mobile gaming and VR gaming spaces together.

Harness the Unique Appeal of VR Video Games

With the plethora of VR headsets on, or coming to, the video gaming market, one of the things needed to ensure that VR gaming becomes the behemoth it is expected to be is the games themselves. As a leading VR game development agency, we are committed to helping independent game publishers provide those games, and reap all the rewards that come along with doing so.

Currently, it is indie game publishers who are dominating the VR gaming space. The vast majority of the most popular video games for all the major VR headsets are independent offerings, and getting your game into the VR gaming space before the big boys of game publishing ‘catch up’ – and they are beginning to – can be the key to long term success in this exciting video gaming space.

What are gamers finding so appealing about VR gaming? Each gamer will give you their own set of reasons, but some of the biggest include: 

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Participatory Playing

The gamers of VR games can truly sense interacting with their surroundings. The detailed graphics and 360-degree video content contribute to the immersive presence that increases the rush of excitement. This is currently particularly evident in fitness and physical adventure games.

Levels that are Creative and Interactive

The players have complete control over the game environment using the controllers in the virtual reality environment. This means that a well executed VR game can not only introduce video game players to a new world, or allow them to control a character traversing it, but actually make the player feel like they are walking, running, climbing or battling their way across it.

More Engaging Content

Video game content can now be so much more immersive thanks to VR technology. And the more immersive the content, the more likely players are to engage with it for longer and longer periods of time.

This boosts the long term sales potential of any VR game, and as subscription gaming has become a very successful model in the VR space very quickly, working with Pearl Lemon Games as your VR game development agency could mean that a portfolio of just a handful of games could drive revenue far beyond that of a much larger set of more traditional games.

Sensory Feedback

The tactile input in VR games can create a unique experience for playing games over and over again. For instance, pressing a button while playing an action game will make it appear as though a rifle is firing bullets at you. In order to reach the intended objectives, it really provides an intense sense when the game’s aims are successfully completed. Because of this, VR games may produce engaging content that is dynamic, ever-changing and something players never tire of.

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Other Uses of VR

Chances are you have heard of the Metaverse by now. The idea is, and this is very much being led by the newly renamed Meta (formerly Facebook) that virtual reality can and will be used to create entire worlds for users to escape to. As VR developers we find this incredibly exciting, and while our focus has been VR game development, we are now diving into other niches as these alternative worlds expand.

As a full service VR development agency, we can also offer a range of other VR development services that encompass the growing uses that businesses and individuals of all kinds – and across all kinds of niches – are finding they can take advantage of:

Social Interactions:

The future of social media engagement and entertainment looks to be in virtual reality. Businesses and individuals are joining forces with us to develop and produce incredibly original and imaginative social VR experiences for shops, cafés, restaurants, gyms, parks, entertainment venues and more.

Education, Training, and Development

For immersive learning and training solutions, we can develop VR applications that mimic real-world scenarios. These courses were initially most utilized in manufacturing skill development and academic education. But now VR can be used to create business and retail apps as well as those with specialized uses in the military and healthcare industries, such as training for war and emergency circumstances.

Enterprise and Business Solutions

We can create and launch specialized VR solutions to meet the needs of your particular organization, including applications for remote work interaction, virtual conferencing, simulated settings to facilitate design and manufacturing and more.

VR is also excellent for data visualization because it makes it simple to understand complex data through vibrant graphics and virtual visualizations. This means that a VR based sales presentation can be one of the most compelling ways to get your message across, especially if your pitch is to busy investors.

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Marketing and Advertising Tools

Want to experiment with novel product presentation strategies? By utilizing VR technology, we can advance your marketing efforts and increase consumer engagement like never before. The options are boundless, ranging from live product presentations for experience centers and fairs to realistic walkthroughs of homes, buildings, and flats as well as virtual try-ons for wearable products and even VR simulated driving experiences in new and used cars.

Ready to dive into the exciting worlds of VR game development and VR for business? We’re ready to help. Pearl Lemon Games VR development teams are among the few who can claim genuine extensive experience in the space, and we’d love to show you what they can do for you in the virtual space. Contact us today to learn more.


Game developers are the professionals tasked explicitly to code, program and develop games. They are the ones who translate every idea into coding language, construct the engine, produce prototypes and test them and do the tedious work of animation.

Unity is the world’s leading platform for creating, building and programming interactive, real-time 3D content. Whether it may be for gaming, automation, architecture or others, Unity helps you make your dreams become a reality.

Pearl Lemon Games has always seen the true potential of Unity. With our team of Unity video game developers, we are very prepared to give the best service available to you.

When it comes to game creation, Unity isn’t the only tool in town, and Pearl Lemon Games doesn’t just offer Unity development. The Unreal Engine and Cryengine, two crucial competitors to the Unity game engine, have each been the subject of game development work by our game development company. 

In comparison to other game engines or a game that is written and built from the ground up, for whom is Unity game development the best option? Unity is an excellent choice for general game creation. Unity truly shines in the context of mobile gaming

Originally known as “Unity 3D,” the program has developed to be equally as valuable as a 2D programming tool. Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we have already mastered Unity and can offer our best hands to develop the game for you.

Do you want to know more? Book a call with us.