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Real-time strategy games include obtaining more land on a map, capturing rivals’ units and structures to forge a greater empire than theirs or other similar themes. To put it simply, they are games where cunning is crucial.

You may already be aware that RTS strategy games may be really difficult. They are made to exercise your brain completely–and players love it simply because people love to be challenged.

If you’re planning to develop one, ensure you’ve incorporated every factor gamers want in an RTS game. If you need help, you can depend on our developers here at Pearl Lemon Games

Our development team comprises hardcore gamers of any genre, including RTS, so we know what most players want to label an app “worthy.” Aside from assistance in nurturing your creative ideas, we can help you turn them into your dream game (yes, we’re talking about game development). We’ll coordinate with you from the start until the end of game development so you can ensure to create the game you want.

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Real-Time Strategy Game: Overview And Benefits Of Playing

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) tasks entail teaching a player how to play video games continuously while pursuing high-level macro-strategic objectives like map control, economic dominance, and more.

Because of the degree of control over squads of soldiers or an entire army, real-time strategy games (RTS) give you the impression that you are a proper military commander. But in addition to being a power fantasy, a study found that playing these games improves cognitive function. 

Aside from that, here are some challenges and benefits of playing real-time strategy games.

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Self Analysis

When you first start playing RTS, one of the first things you discover is that they are challenging. They are so challenging that to advance, rookie players almost always study gameplay analysis of more experienced players, read how-tos and strategy guides, and memorise common build orders. 

Without the assistance of a broader community that contributes to a shared knowledge base about how to play the game—often referred to as the game’s “meta,” it is exceedingly challenging for the average player to develop successful strategies.

Critical Thinking and Pressure

As mentioned before, we’ll mention it again: RTS is challenging! 

With the probable exception of the fighting game genre, they practically demand more of their players than any other game type. 

In most RTS, there will be one, two, or more tangible resources that need to be acquired, managed, and used in addition to implicit resources like time, attention, and awareness of what an opponent is planning.

Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency
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Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency
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The Challenge And Fun

These difficulties add to the enjoyment. RTS players often get a kick from, well, feeling superior. It’s really exciting to outsmart, outplay, and outmanoeuvre another human being, especially if you can be reasonably assured that the other human being is as competent at the game as you are. There is a high level of enjoyment in creative or novel play and execution, though (there’s a reason people love watching StarCarft 2, after all!). The preparation is insufficient, and the multitasking and micro itself are insufficient. Even winning itself is insufficient, despite the high it gives.

In developing an RTS game, take note of these factors, as these are the top reasons why people play it in the first place. It’s not an RTS without the fun and challenge.

Best RTS Games of All Time that Will Inspire You

Let’s further understand the hype behind RTS games through this list of popular games among RTS players. If you’re still working on your game development in mind, these games should inspire you.

Age Of Empires II

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings established a high bar for all subsequent games to meet. Age of Empires II was one of the complete RTS games of the 1990s, featuring single-player and multiplayer modes in addition to five campaigns to complete.

The player has a wide range of options in this medieval-themed game because there are 13 different civilisations to choose from. Gathering resources and using them to establish towns and build the armies required to defeat formidable enemy forces are the main game mechanics. The top-rated Age of Empires game on Metacritic and one of the best RTS games to play are Age of Empires II.

Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency
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Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency
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Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos

Reign of Chaos, which replaced the wildly successful Warcraft 2, had big shoes to fill yet excelled at doing so. The game’s campaign, which revolved around Arthas, Thrall, and Tyrande, was groundbreaking, and the RPG aspects it incorporated—such as hero characters, levelling up, and equipment—completely altered the genre. The bundled editor might produce engaging multiplayer maps in addition to challenging minigames. Warcraft 3 has improved the MOBA genre and many traditional tower defence games before they could stand alone.

Starcraft: Brood War

The influence StarCraft has had on the gaming and esports industries today is difficult to put into words: WarCraft 3’s MOBA genre was developed from a custom game in the space saga. Zerg Rush is a term that everyone and their mother has heard of, and various Twitch representatives, including co-founder Justin Kan, have emphasised over time that StarCraft 2 is the reason why then-JustinTV initially created a gaming category.

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Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency
Real-Time Strategy Games Development Agency


For the game alone, an average AAA game costs upwards of $80 million to make and takes around four years. However, this sum might drastically change depending on the kind of game and its complexity. Aside from that, there’s still a cost game development agencies require.

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Most modern games take at least two or three years to make, although many smaller games, particularly in the early history of the medium, have been built in a matter of months.

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