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Unity Blockchain Game Development

Graphics, networks, technological augmentation, and real-time performance have all advanced significantly in game development. There are now multiple market players seeking to bring game creation and development to more users and across more platforms.

If you’re confused about what to use to develop your blockchain game, Unity technologies stand out the most. Not only does it work cross-platform, but it is also easy to use. If you want an advanced game engine that can generate real-world images without consuming much processing power, choose Unity 3D game development.

Aside from that, Unity became one of the leading gaming developer businesses in 2020 and had over 5 billion downloads of apps produced using their tools. Unity generated 50% of all mobile, PC, and console games and 71% of the top 1,000 mobile games.

Though the technology is an easy-to-use gaming engine, it’s best to seek help from a professional unity game developer. Pearl Lemon Games have experts with extensive experience creating great blockchain games with stunning graphics and features. Contact us for more information on our game development services.

Our unity developers use Unity with their unique and original ideas to produce rich gaming applications for all categories, from 2D to 3D game design.

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Exploring Unity Engine and its Role in Unity Blockchain Game Development

Unity is a powerful cross-platform 3D/2D game engine and IDE for creators.

Unity can provide many of the most crucial built-in features that make a game run as a game engine. This includes physics, 3D rendering, and collision detection. From a developer’s standpoint, this means there is no need to reinvent the wheel, rather than starting a new project by developing a new physics engine from the ground up, calculating every last movement of each substance or how light should bounce off different surfaces.

A big community centred around Unity and its extensive knowledge base helps quickly resolve frequent errors. There are also many new user instructions, making Unity a fantastic starting place for novices, learners, and amateur game makers. The wide array of options this engine provides has paved the way for new careers such as technical artists, gaming programmers, UI programmers, and network engineers.

What makes Unity even more compelling is its thriving Asset Store, essentially a place where developers can submit their works and make them available to the community.

Unity Blockchain Game Development
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Developing Blockchain Games Using Unity

Unity is the most widely utilised game creation engine among gaming studios. With the release of the Arkane blockchain gaming SDK for Unity, game developers can publish in-game objects directly to the Polygon blockchain from within Unity without expertise in blockchain, smart contracts, or transaction management. 

The gamer’s assets can be queried on the blockchain and used in the game as scriptable objects. The Unity plugin enables game developers to manage in-game items like Ethereum and Polygon-compatible blockchain assets

The tool simplifies integration with Arkane API by exposing all features and functions to C# classes and contains Editor extensions to aid in designing and deploying Contracts and Tokens.

Types of NFT Games That We Can Create on Unity

Using the Unity gaming engine, we may develop a variety of speciality games, some of which are listed below:

Metaverse P2E Games

The Metaverse game on Unity offers a unique gaming experience by allowing users to purchase, trade, and auction objects in three dimensions and create new avatars. Furthermore, it provides Metaverse Marketplace Gaming Solutions, which allows your users to make money by playing play-to-earn games.

NFT Games

A 2D game can be easily created using the Unity game engine. In addition, we can easily import and generate our own NFTs for use in our game. So, if you want to create the next great NFT-based game that will impress gamers with its gameplay and generate additional income, Unity Engine is your best option.

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Blockchain-based Games

Unity’s most recent release gives game creators a complete solution for integrating blockchain into games and using blockchain as an inventory management system to store gamers’ valuable items safely. Making a blockchain game on Unity reduces game creators’ workload.

Crypto Games

With the development of crypto games, developers will be able to construct a single gaming multiverse in which players can move characters and gaming assets from one game world to the next. Furthermore, the Unity gaming engine assists game developers in developing a monetisation strategy.

Unity Game Engine- NFT Developers' Choice

Pearl Lemon Games takes pride in developing fun and exciting games that push the boundaries with the most advanced tools and frameworks available. We deal with various game engines, but the one showcased here is Unity Engine.

Let us look at why we consider developing blockchain games on Unity.

High-Speed Feature

NFT game development in Unity is faster than in other engines due to a more user-friendly UI and a low entrance hurdle for unskilled developers. As a result, Unity is one of the most popular engines in the indie sector.


Another advantage of NFT unity games is the inexpensive cost of this type of gaming engine. Lower gas prices and simpler transactions could account for cost savings. Furthermore, it is affordable for a large spectrum of consumers and works across numerous platforms.

Best Tool for Iterative Editing

Unity is one of the most effective tools for iterative editing. The play mode function in Unity 3D is one of the game engine’s most popular features. It lets us quickly see and play inside the game and test and review it. It facilitates testing how things can work out without much difficulty. If one meets a bug or believes the game isn’t running correctly, it can be halted and tweaked to the game developer’s taste, with results updated quickly. Frame-to-frame referencing is also possible in Play or Play Plus Mode.

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Self-hosted Platform

Users can completely control and modify the platform to their requirements and wants because these platforms are self-hosted. To construct a high-end game, simply install many software and features to the program serving as the platform host. You have complete control of the gaming platform and can freely exchange the attributes of the NFT. Blockchain games built with Unity will be the next big thing in the gaming industry.

Reliable Tool

In the rapidly expanding gaming sector, Unity Software is the market leader. Future growth potential for the company includes industrial real-time 3D and the Metaverse.

While in the Augmented and Virtual Reality sector, Unity 3D has over 60% of the market share, with over 40% of mobile gaming platforms using the platform to produce games. It is efficient, dependable, and preferred by many players worldwide.

Multiple Mainstream Wallets

You can improve the quality of the gaming platform by creating a blockchain game on Unity that supports various major wallets on a single platform. Using numerous popular wallets, you may quickly trade NFT digital assets and construct a gaming console that is easier to use for gamers.

These are some of the features that set the NFT Unity game apart from other online gaming platforms. It can also assist you in attracting more gamers to your gaming platform and improving the overall quality of your console.

Our Game Development Services

Aside from Unity blockchain games, here are some game development services we offer.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile games are one of the most profitable and successful app market segments. They repeatedly appear at the top of app store lists of most-downloaded offers and can have millions of daily active users.

The mobile gaming industry is enormously diverse, covering everything from multi-billion dollar 3D games to instructional apps for non-profits. Pearl Lemon Games is a leading mobile game development agency in part due to our expertise in the industry and dedication to the clients for whom we create.

Roblox Game Development

Game development on Roblox is unlike any other type of game production. Users can and are encouraged to create their games, and some of our finest game developers have been doing so since they were children. To make the most of a Roblox game as a business brand, you’ll need much more than patience and a willingness to learn to code. This is where Pearl Lemon Gaming, a renowned Roblox game creation agency, comes in.

Video Game Development

Pearl Lemon Games offers the expertise to meet your video game production needs with precision and innovation. Our video game production services increase video games’ visible and invisible performance characteristics across all platforms. We supply complete video game development teams to carry out comprehensive game development activities and game engineering personnel to support our clients’ gaming teams.

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Pearl Lemon Games - Your Best Unity Blockchain Game Developers

Given that many options are available when developing an NFT game, Unity remains the best choice for developers. However, the game development process can undoubtedly be challenging.

Here at Pearl Lemon Games, we understand how game development takes a lot of effort, including time and financial resources. With extensive knowledge in game development alongside the NFT industry, our experts will help develop your ideal NFT game. We can help you alter your game ideas with our innovative and original approach.

Let your ideal game shift to reality- whether an NFT or Metaverse game on Unity. Reach us today.


Both game engines offer advantages. However, each developer is unique and has distinct preferences or requirements. Furthermore, it depends on how one wishes to grow their game and what their work requires to succeed. This selection may also be influenced by expertise in game production.

Unreal Engine 5 and Unity are solid tools for getting started quickly with game development. Furthermore, the supportive communities make either option a viable alternative. There is no “better” solution, and trying both may be helpful.

The engine is written in C#, but it supports many other languages, including C++, Python, and Java. It is compatible with various operating systems (Windows, Linux) and devices (such as Chromebook and Mac). 

Unity play-to-earn game development costs can range from \$10,000 to \$35,000, depending on the demands of your game.